Entertainment Guideline

Lately, many concerned voices have raised several uncomfortable remarks about some programmes being held in our University. They were saying that some of these programmes were too entertainment based that it neglected many Islamic values and disregard Islamic etiquettes. For examples, concerts have been held featuring many singers and bands where some of them failed to observe the required Islamic etiquette in their performance.
Thus, we have come up with several guidelines that we thought appropriate and reasonable for the higher authorities to take them into consideration;
- Every programme, in any event, shall be in line and in compliance with Shariah principles and must not disregard Islamic values.
- Every programme organized must uphold the good name of the University
- Entertainment based shall be allowed with the condition, certain aspect will be by the authority; dress code, ethics, Islamic etiquettes, morality.
- Before an entertainment based programme can be approved, the authority will conduct a thorough evaluation on every aspects of programme including; the performance, the performer and the audience.
-Failure to comply, the authority has the full power to cancel the programme immediately before/during the programme.