MyIC: Details

SRC is promoting MY IDEAL CAMPUS with 9 IDEAS:

1. Revision Period
* To seek from administration to lengthen the current revision period from 3 days to a week.

2. Registration System
* To request from administration not to change the schedule in a sudden without informing the students.
To request from the administration to allow students to do pre-registration first although the payment of their fees (during the current semester) are not done yet.
* To suggest the administration to prepare enough seats per class (40 seats).
* To ask the administration to add more server for pre-registration.
* To ask Admissions and Records (A&R) to paste notice on pre-registration a month before at each Kulliyyah so that students will aware about it.
* To provide a systematic study plan in each Kulliyyah similar to the systematic study plan in Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL).

3. Wireless
* To propose from Information & Technology Division to upgrade the wireless system especially in Mahallah.

4. Mahallah Ali (Road)
* To request from Development Division to improve condition of road in front of Mahallah Ali.

5. Islamization Environment
* To ask administration to promote Islamic environment in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

6. Facilities for students with special needs
* To request from administration to upgrade facilities for students with special needs at Mahallah & Kulliyyah especially for wheel chair students.

7. Bureaucracy
* To reduce red tapes in campus mainly on students' programme.
* To give more freedom to students in organizing events.

8. International Issues
*To propose for international representatives in Kulliyyah Based Societies and Mahallah Representative Councils.
* To request from Facilities, Food & Services Department (FFSD) for international outlets at each cafeteria in Mahallah.

9. Food prices.
* To ask Facilities, Food & Services Department (FFSD) to standardize the prices of food in all cafeterias in IIUM campus.
* To propose from FFSD on the food prices from students' perspective in which to involve students or Students' Representative Council (SRC) for the food prices.

We will update you for any progress, insya-AllahuTaa'la.

Prepared by,
SRC IIUM 2010/2011



29th November 2011, ITD Office - There was a meeting between Students’ Representative Council 2010/2011 with ITD Unit regarding to wireless services provided in IIUM. Our meeting began with a short briefing on the amount of current wireless provided at every campus. As presented, total amount of wireless provided in all campuses is 285 mpbs where Gombak Campus is the highest with the total is 114 mbps. This has made Gombak campus as the highest compared to the other campuses;InderaMahkota Campus, ISTAC, IIiBF and Centre for Foundation Studies, PJ.

Since students’ welfare always becomes SRC’s first priority, lots of questions and issues were being asked and discussed during our meeting. First issue is on the blocking of specific websites which have interrupted the wireless services. This has resulted for other students unable to get the connections. As ITD staffs responded, IIUM is encouraging academic freedom. So by blocking certain websites is against the policy. However, regarding to this matter, ITD Unit is always monitoring on the websites search by the students by using IIUM wireless services.

Furthermore, another issue has been raised is on pre-registration which students always have difficulties to register their courses. The response given, it is due to the problem of website which is monitored by Administration and Records. They have stressed during the meeting for the low connection of wireless especially in mahallah, it is actually because of limitation for each AP to provide the connection. According to them, each AP is able to support maximum 30 users at one time. But as always occurs, there were 70 and even more users are requesting for the wireless at one time. 

At the same time, it has been suggested as SRC should educate the students using the IIUM wireless. In order to make sure our friends do not miserably searching for the connection, it is advisable to browse internet only at appropriate duration and academic and beneficial purposes as we are sharing with other numerous of users.

On the other hand, ITD Unit is actually aware of low wireless connection at mahallah since there were several complaints made by students pertaining to this matter. The problem is due to bad planning during the construction of mahallah. Despite of large and growing number of users compared to ability for the provider to support the services, ITD Unitis initiating to loan and set up a few APs at the critical areas especially at postgraduate block in mahallah by the middle of this month (December) as a short term plan to cater this problem.
As regard to this issue, ITD Unit is in progress to improvise wireless services the other areas especially at mahallah by the middle of 2012

ISSUE: Cafeteria

November, 18 - Ten of mahallah's cafeterias have been closed after the inspection made by Gombak's health inspectors under the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
1. Hafsah's cafeteria
2. Asma's cafeteria
3. Nusaibah's cafeteria
4. Halimah's cafeteria
5. Asiah's cafeteria
6. Safiyah's cafeteria


7. Cafeterias in the Centre

Those ten cafeterias failed to achieve 65% rating. the operators were asked to close those cafeterias immediately and were given two days to do cleaning operation for SECOND INSPECTION. they have to achieve 80% rating in order to pass the inspection.  IF THOSE CAFETERIAS FAIL TO ACHIEVE 80% RATING, THEY WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL THEY FULFIL THE REQUIREMENT.
Referring to the Act, they have to be closed for 14 days but FFSD had made an appeal to allow them to be opened by this Tuesday.

For the affected students, you can choose one of the following alternatives:
1. Eat at the sisters' cafe that are still operating
2. Eat at the centre
3. Eat outside of IIUM

Prepared by, 
Welfare Secretariat
International Islamic University Malaysia



Our request regarding to "Revision Period(extension the period)" has been revise for our Honourable Rector during the meeting with Her yesterday. After it was rejected at the 1st stage . Alhamdulillah, She agreed to standardize our revision period with other universities.


Wireless issue will be our 1st priority among the other issues. InsyaAllah, 23 November 2011 we are going to have a meeting with ITD. Our plan is to get the facts and figures regarding to the coverage in our university. Actually, how much that we need to make it in full coverage since it is related to the cost to upgrading the performance/seRvice. In addition, to ask them to solve this problem immediately or to provide another alternative to cater the issue.


Food Price probably standardize in the next sem. Because, currently SRC and FFSD are making some comparison to our food price and condition with UPM (done),UKM and UM.


                                           "TOWARD MY IDEAL CAMPUS"


November 8th –Alhamdullilah, indeed all the praises are only deserve for Allah s.w.t as He is the one who has given us strength, spirits and chance to run this event during this semester. After all the struggles, this gathering was successfully run by all committees which lead by International Affairs Secretariat, Students' Representative Council 2010/11. 

There are several of our activities during the event such as:

>Slaughtering of sacrifice (Udhiya)
>Cricket Tournament

SRC Komited Perjuang Kebebasan dan Keadilan

Pada 21 Oktober yang lalu, dengan mengadakan suatu pertemuan dengan pihak pentadbiran UIAM bagi mendapatkan penjelasan berkenaan isu Prof. Aziz Bari, Presiden SRC, mewakili suara mahasiswa UIAM tetap tegas dengan pendirian bahawa peristiwa tersebut telah mencabuli hak kebebasan bersuara (freedom of speech) dan kebebasan akademik (freedom of academic). Dalam pertemuan pada hari itu, beliau menuntut beberapa perkara antaranya mendesak pihak UIAM menarik semula penggantungan terhadap Prof. Aziz Bari dan diadakan perbicaraan terbuka (public hearing). Alhamdulillah, pada 24 Oktober yang lalu, UIAM menarik semula penggantungan tersebut.

Kelihatan Presiden SRC bersama pimpinan mahasiswa yang lain sedang bernegosiasi untuk mendapatkan kebenaran masuk bagi menyerahkan memorandum kepada YB Menteri.

Namun, meyakini bahawa penarikan semula penggantungan tersebut, bukanlah bermakna kes tersebut telah selesai, kerana Prof. Aziz Bari masih perlu melalui proses siasatan dan perbicaraan serta akan berhadapan dengan pelbagai kemungkinan tindakan dan hukuman.

Semalam, 25 Oktober, Presiden SRC sekali lagi mengetuai delegasi pimpinan-pimpinan mahasiswa UIAM, terus membuat desakan dengan bertindak menyerahkan memorandum kepada YB Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin.

Sedang menunggu keputusan kebenaran masuk ke dewan. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya dibenarkan. Namun hanya 3 orang sahaja yang dibenarkan. Pihak media juga dilarang memasuki dewan untuk membuat liputan.

Antara yang terkandung dalam memorandum tersebut ialah untuk mendesak Kerajaan Malaysia agar :

  1. Memberi kebebasan intelek kepada ahli akademik dalam menyuarakan pendapat.
  2. Setiap ahli dalam bidang masing-masing diberi hak untuk megeluarkan pandangan seiring dengan ilmu yang dimiliki dalam bidang mereka.
  3. Membatalkan siasatan ke atas Prof. Aziz Bari kerana beliau dalam kes ini, menjadi mangsa akibat  kebebasan akademik yang disekat.
Presiden SRC berjalan keluar dewan setelah selesai menyerahkan memorandum.

Selesai menyerahkan memorandum, Presiden SRC menegaskan :

“We already submitted the memorandum by hand to YB. Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin. We will follow up this issue... This is our first memorandum... If there is no further action taken by them, we will fight till the end...”

“JUSTICE for Prof. Aziz Bari”


September 28th –Alhamdullilah, indeed all the praises are only deserve for Allah s.w.t as He is the one who has given us strength, spirits and chance to run this event during this semester. After all the struggles, this gathering was successfully run by all committees. 

The main objective of this event is to have an open discussion with Da’wah & Tarbiah Secretariat from all societies, MRC and also with international representatives which have quite large community in this university. Another objective of this Brotherhood Gathering is to preserve Islamic environment which has been ‘eroded’ as this university.

Generally, this program has achieved its goal when we have received a large number of participants. They have showed such a great of interest by vigorously responds to each questions and opinions asked by the Moderator. The discussion has become a remarkable indicator to show that our community is concerning and looking forward for the resolution on this ummatic problem in IIUM especially. Truly, they are still craving and waiting for the da’wah to be delivered and spread among them.

After having discussion for 3 hours, there are some opinions and suggestions made by the representatives. Their suggestions are as follow:

1.       All communities of IIUM must have the awareness of spreading da’wah.
2.       Increase the efforts and make targets to those who are not really interested with Islamic programmes and values on spreading the da’wah.
3.       Continue to make humbly requests to IIUM Administration, since the power of implementing Islamic environment is belong to them. 

From what have been discussed by the students through this open discussion, we can see the keen of interests, feelings and hopes from participants to make sure this university always stick with its mission of ‘TRIPLE ICE’ particularly in the matter of Islamization. 

So, let us hold our hands together and make our ukhuwwah stronger. Say to them that we love Islam and we shall always strive over da’wah!!


Spiritual & Islamization Secretariat
Students’ Representatives Council 2010/2011

25th Sept: IIUM Student Leaders Camp

" Manifestation of As-Soff verse 4"

September, 24 – Alhamdulillah, on 23rd & 24th September, Presidential Secretariat managed to organize a 2-days programme that unites IIUM Student Leaders. Several talks have been arranged to instill motivation & knowledge to IIUM Student Leaders such as:

     Talk 1: 
IIUM Student Leaders: Upholding the Islamic way of Life by Tn. Hj Mohamad Naser bin Desa

 Talk 2: 
Role of IIUM Student Leaders by Prof Dr. Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod

 Talk 3: 
Vision and Mission of IIUM by Tan Sri Prof. Mohd Kamal Hassan

 It has been attended by representatives from several societies, clubs and mahallah representatives. The most crucial part in this programme was the discussion for resolutions that will be submitted to the top management. The issues that we had discussed are:

      Integration & Internalization 
Welfare (in Kulliyyah)
Student Parliament

Here are the summary of the solutions that we will submit to the top management:

1.       Increase the number of the enrolment of international students from 17% to 30&%.
2.       Ensure international students representation in KBS, MRC and other clubs.
3.       Enforce mixed of international & local students as committee for all university programs to promote integration.
4.       Ensure the usage of official language (English & Arabic) in programme organized by committee.
5.       Improve our admission procedure especially in AnR – reduce the bureaucratise system towards the newcomers of international students & provide assistance for the newcomers of international students.
6.       Improve immigration facilities.
7.       Improve services for international students such as exclude from exchange room every semester and provide store room facilities for international students during vacation.
8.       Provide multi language for IIUM website; English & Arabic language.
9.       Increase the promotion of IIUM in international market.
10.   For the proposal of programme to get accepted there must be several committees that consist of a balance number of national and international students.
11.   Improve the quality of programmes and ensure students (committee) decision making is organized.
12.   Caters to the issue of integration in Ta’aruf week as well. The schedule for Ta’aruf Week is full with briefing which students perceive it as dull and uninteresting – this should be improved as Ta’aruf Week is the first impression towards new intake students.

13.   Establishment of Da’wah Council with participation from students from Dakwah and Tarbiyyah (DnT) of KBS/MRC/Societies/Clubs.
14.   Administration should strengthen the job scope of the respected unit that in charge of Islamization and collaboration between Da’wah Council and the respected unit can be done.
15.   Development division in collaboration with Safety & Security Section should provide signboard of dress-code in front of the main gate of IIUM.
16.   Administration should increase the number of security officers (which currently is 160 officers).
17.   Optimize the job scope of security officers to supervise hot spot and Da’wah Council will help security officers to recognize the hot spot.
18.   Ibadah Camp must be made compulsory to the first year student and the tentative should be fixed with the mission of Islamization.
19.   Administration should gives full commitment in emphasizing the mission of Islamization (the only mission that make us different from other universities / institutions) especially lecturers.

20.   Improve the pre-registration system
21.   Increase the numbers of lecturers in accordance with the demands of the students.
22.   Extend the length of revision period to 7 days
23.   Maximize the duration for CELPAD students for 2 years only
24.   Administration should cooperate with Jabatan Perhilitan to cope with issues of stray monkeys and dogs.
25.   Food & Facilities Services Division (FFSD) must have specific/standardize price list for the caf├ęs and kiosks.
26.   Several actions should be taken by the respective Kulliyyah/authority
27.   Road in front of the Mahallah Ali that should be upgraded.
28.   Transportation unit may discuss with the transportation company from outside to accommodate the needs of IIUM communities regarding the inconsistency of bus from the outside.

29.   The establishment of Student Parliament.

"Peace!" -- Thank you to all committee :)

Prepared by,
Mahirah Binti A Rashid
Secretary General 
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011