Jemputan Menyertai Hari Siswi 2011

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Kalendar Pengajian di IPTA bagi Program Pengajian Lepasan STPM/Setaraf dan SPM/Setaraf Sesi Akademik 2011/2012

Surat pekeliling daripada Jabatan Pengajian Tinggi kepada semua IPT

Grand Finals of OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship 2010

Our university is hosting the 1st OIC Intervarsity Debating Championship that is held from 14th to 19th December 2010.The objectives of this debating competition are to promote debating as an activity at institutions of higher education in OIC member countries.

The details are as follow:

Day : Friday
Date : 17/12/2010
Time : 10.00am
Venue : Cultural Activity Centre (CAC)

All students are invited to be as audience. There will be a register counter open for the students. For those who attend will get an international level participation of co-curricular cumulative points (CACP).

Excuse letter and refreshments will be provided.

Thank You.