MyIC: Details

SRC is promoting MY IDEAL CAMPUS with 9 IDEAS:

1. Revision Period
* To seek from administration to lengthen the current revision period from 3 days to a week.

2. Registration System
* To request from administration not to change the schedule in a sudden without informing the students.
To request from the administration to allow students to do pre-registration first although the payment of their fees (during the current semester) are not done yet.
* To suggest the administration to prepare enough seats per class (40 seats).
* To ask the administration to add more server for pre-registration.
* To ask Admissions and Records (A&R) to paste notice on pre-registration a month before at each Kulliyyah so that students will aware about it.
* To provide a systematic study plan in each Kulliyyah similar to the systematic study plan in Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL).

3. Wireless
* To propose from Information & Technology Division to upgrade the wireless system especially in Mahallah.

4. Mahallah Ali (Road)
* To request from Development Division to improve condition of road in front of Mahallah Ali.

5. Islamization Environment
* To ask administration to promote Islamic environment in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

6. Facilities for students with special needs
* To request from administration to upgrade facilities for students with special needs at Mahallah & Kulliyyah especially for wheel chair students.

7. Bureaucracy
* To reduce red tapes in campus mainly on students' programme.
* To give more freedom to students in organizing events.

8. International Issues
*To propose for international representatives in Kulliyyah Based Societies and Mahallah Representative Councils.
* To request from Facilities, Food & Services Department (FFSD) for international outlets at each cafeteria in Mahallah.

9. Food prices.
* To ask Facilities, Food & Services Department (FFSD) to standardize the prices of food in all cafeterias in IIUM campus.
* To propose from FFSD on the food prices from students' perspective in which to involve students or Students' Representative Council (SRC) for the food prices.

We will update you for any progress, insya-AllahuTaa'la.

Prepared by,
SRC IIUM 2010/2011



29th November 2011, ITD Office - There was a meeting between Students’ Representative Council 2010/2011 with ITD Unit regarding to wireless services provided in IIUM. Our meeting began with a short briefing on the amount of current wireless provided at every campus. As presented, total amount of wireless provided in all campuses is 285 mpbs where Gombak Campus is the highest with the total is 114 mbps. This has made Gombak campus as the highest compared to the other campuses;InderaMahkota Campus, ISTAC, IIiBF and Centre for Foundation Studies, PJ.

Since students’ welfare always becomes SRC’s first priority, lots of questions and issues were being asked and discussed during our meeting. First issue is on the blocking of specific websites which have interrupted the wireless services. This has resulted for other students unable to get the connections. As ITD staffs responded, IIUM is encouraging academic freedom. So by blocking certain websites is against the policy. However, regarding to this matter, ITD Unit is always monitoring on the websites search by the students by using IIUM wireless services.

Furthermore, another issue has been raised is on pre-registration which students always have difficulties to register their courses. The response given, it is due to the problem of website which is monitored by Administration and Records. They have stressed during the meeting for the low connection of wireless especially in mahallah, it is actually because of limitation for each AP to provide the connection. According to them, each AP is able to support maximum 30 users at one time. But as always occurs, there were 70 and even more users are requesting for the wireless at one time. 

At the same time, it has been suggested as SRC should educate the students using the IIUM wireless. In order to make sure our friends do not miserably searching for the connection, it is advisable to browse internet only at appropriate duration and academic and beneficial purposes as we are sharing with other numerous of users.

On the other hand, ITD Unit is actually aware of low wireless connection at mahallah since there were several complaints made by students pertaining to this matter. The problem is due to bad planning during the construction of mahallah. Despite of large and growing number of users compared to ability for the provider to support the services, ITD Unitis initiating to loan and set up a few APs at the critical areas especially at postgraduate block in mahallah by the middle of this month (December) as a short term plan to cater this problem.
As regard to this issue, ITD Unit is in progress to improvise wireless services the other areas especially at mahallah by the middle of 2012