Report on Meeting with IIUM President

On 27th April 2010, SRC had made a meeting with the IIUM President's, Tan Sri Sidek Hasan that at 12 pm. The meeting started with the introduction speech by the President. He welcomed us to Putrajaya. Amongst the main aims of the meeting was to update to the IIUM President with the recent development happening in IIUM for him to keep informed the real overview about the students’ condition in campus. Besides that, the meeting also aimed to build a good relationship between The President and the students’ leaders as well as all IIUM students in general.

In his speech, Tan Sri mentioned that, as for now, IIUM succeeds in producing well rounded individuals especially those from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws which currently is acknowledged to produce best law students in the country. In addition, IIUM graduates are better compared to others because we are using English and Arabic language as medium of instructions as well as in the learning process. Another unique characteristic of IIUM is that we have the largest chunk of the foreign students currently which add more colour to the institution.

Furthermore, IIUM also is well known to produce good debaters in Arabic, English and Malay languages .Finally, he stressed that, the students of IIUM need to be more creative in their live in order for them to be recognized as excellence graduates who are well equipped with the knowledge and soft skills. Before ending his speech, Tan Sri advised the students to contribute more to the country and prevent themselves from doing wrongful act.

After the honorable President finished his speech, he opened the floor for the members of the meeting to rise up any issue, question, or problem. The session started by Vice President 2 of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). He firstly thanked the honourable President for his concern towards the students’ problem since the issues and problems mentioned by the students’ leaders during the previous meeting have been well tackled.

After that, other students’ leader raised their own questions and suggestions. The details are as follow:

1st Question:

Sister Zatil Arifah (Vice President 3 of SRC) complained about wild dogs and monkeys and mentioned that it is a serious matter because this endangered the safety of the students.


Prof. Nik Ahmad Kamal (Deputy Rector Student Affairs) said that Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) has decided to come regularly and he also advised students to stop giving the animals any food. He added that we cannot simply shoot the animals because they belong to MPS and PERHILITAN but IIUM has already collaborated with orang asli to catch the dogs.

Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan (IIUM President) asked his assistant to call MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Selayang) and Jabatan Perhilitan to tackle the problem quickly.

2nd Question:

Chairperson of Academic Secretariat asked about the possibility to include the co-curriculum credit into CGPA.

He also asked Tan Sri’s point of view about Research University (RU).

Then he question on the reason why the students have to pay RM500 if they graduate early than scheduled before.


Prof. Nik Ahmad Kamal explained that there are two types of co-curriculum activity. One is credited and another one is non-credited. He agreed for all co-curriculum activity to be credited into CGPA. However, the problem is the total credit required for graduation will increase. He will bring this matter to the Senate and agreed that 6 credits should be given to uniform bodies.

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid (Rector) said that there are certain qualifications to be a RU and IIUM is already qualified.

Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan added that, we can be RU but the main important is about the quality of the IIUM students.

Bro. Amir Zahiruddin Kamal Pasha (SRC’s Advisor) in answering the early graduate matter said it is because of the agreement with the PTPTN and it acts as compensation to them.

3rd Question:

Bro. Zulqarnain from Cultural Unit inquired Tan Sri’s point of view on the World Gamelan Festival. He also mentioning that there is no training room for Gamelan team.


Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan stressed out that good graduates are those equipped with good academic result as well as skills in culture activity. So, he encouraged the students to engage more actively in cultural and co-curriculum activity.

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid really encouraged the students to join this cultural activity and he also agreed that this activity need space and their own room.

Prepared by,

Presidential Secretariat
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010

Acknowledged by,

Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010

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Muhammad Firwan bin Norliza
0133004965/ 0125829252


In the presence of
1-En Abdullah Hj Zawawi- Chief Officer of Security Management
2-En Umar- Asst. Chief Officer of Security Management
3-En Azmee – Investigation Officer of Security Management
4-En Syamsudin- Traffic Officer of Security Management

Date : 22rd March 2010 (MONDAY)
Time : 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Venue : Security Control Office

Problem 1:Theft cases

•There were about 5 laptops missing in Mahallah Aminah and Mahallah Asiah.
•A motorcycle had been missing in Mahallah Uthman.


•Witness was brought to the police station and the suspect was recognized.
•Guard made an observation 2, 3 times at that certain place.

•The area of recent lost cases in Mahallah Bilal and Usman.
•Risky place to lost motorcycle is at parking between ITD and library.

Problem 2: Rumours

•Black magic
•Rape cases in sister’s mahallah


•No reports of black magic.
•In fact the case was an attempt of rape and action had been brought up to the attention of police.

•Security Officers of Mahallah Maryam, stated the facts of the case were they informed that a male foreign student made some tricks and snatched a purse of a student.

Problem 3:Parking
•The issue brought up is related to less parking places for cars.
•Students complaining that there were vehicles without IIUM’ stickers occupying the parking provided in IIUM.

•Actions shall be taken against cars without IIUM stickers.
•But, the security officers had not yet taken it into a very strict enforcement since it was the examination weeks.

Problem 4: Dating
•Male and female Students are dating in front of the female Mahallah gates especially in front of Aminah and Hafsah.
•Many students are very much concerned by the dating issue, since it destroys the image of IIUM as an Islamic University.


•Any complaint to the security or available fellow at that time and further actions shall be taken.
•Security Officers have been given rights to penalize the students whom they found dating in IIUM.

Problem 4: Wild dogs and monkeys

•It is already been informed that dogs and monkeys is an issue that the administration should be concerned about.


•Students can report to Security Officers if they were in contact with dogs and monkeys.

Problem 5: Closure gate at Mahallah

•Students complained that the gate close too early.
•Students requested to enter the Mahallah even after the closer of the gates, especially during the rainy weather.

•The gate will close at 9. The only cars allowed to enter are the ones that have IIUM sticker.

•The Security Management will consider the matters brought up by the students.

Report prepared by:
Izyan Hazwani Ahmad
Welfare Secretariat,
Students' Representative Council 2009/2010

Acknowledged by:
Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students' Representative Council 2009/2010


Date : 22nd March 2010-04-16
Time : 2.00- 3.00pm
Venue : Office of Finance Division

A female student who is residence of Mahallah Aminah came to see Welfare Secretariat of Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010 and informed us about her financial problems. She is the first out of six siblings and most of them still study at secondary school. She had to use part of the money she got from PTPTN to help her family because her mother does not work and her father works as a security guard with the basic salary of RM 495 with a pension from the army. Her father still faces difficulties in supporting the whole family. Due to that, we met Encik Nik Haziman Nik Mat, Senior Executive Officer, one of the officers at Students Affairs Divison for further action.

According to him, there are three financial assistances in IIUM that are Zakat, IIUM Advancement, and Khairat Fund. For Zakat, forms are available at Zakat and Training Services Unit. The applications are open for all full time registered students of IIUM. The assistance will be on food and daily expenses only and strictly not for tuition fees payment. For those successful applicants, they are exempted from applying for zakat assistance for the next 2 semester. The reason behind that is to give opportunity to other students who need it more.

IIUM advancement is a kind of loan for students. Any student can apply for the financial assistance provided but they have to pay back the amount. The only condition that they have to comply with is they must have something to guarantee they could pay back the loan for example if the student got PTPTN, the loan could be payed from there. The form to apply is available at STAD Office and every mahallah in IIUM.

To apply for Khairat Fund, the student does not need to go through an interview, they only need to fill in the form which is available at STAD. Also, The amount for this financial assistance is not that much and it depends on how critical the case is.

In her situation, she was advised to apply for Khairat Fund to assist her in her financial problems. It is advisable to all students that are interested in applying for funds or any related financial assistant to attach with their details the reason for applying to such fund. This is important to help the administrator of financial assistant to evaluate the application accordingly.

Izyan Hazwani Ahmad
Welfare Secretariat,
Students' Representative Council 2009/2010

Acknowledged by,
Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students' Representative Council 2009/2010