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We wish brothers and sisters in Islam Eid Saa'ed, Eid Mubarak Mina A'idin Wal Faaidzin .We also want to apologise if we had commit any mistake , Maaf Zahir & Batin.Taqabballahu minnal waminkum, wassalam.

SRC 2010/2011



August, 24 - Alhamdulillah, in this glory of Ramadhan, we managed to have a meeting with IIUM Rector, Prof Dato' Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin. It is our pleasure of having the opportunity to spend one hour with her especially as we have been invited to go inside her own office. After we introduced our 'cabinet', we have discussed with her on several issues:

1. Welfare of IIUM Students - Facilities; wider coverage for wireless. Efficiency of service by the administration towards IIUM students and etc. and from both our office and Prof's office, we agree to have further discussion.

2. Finance - Allocation budget for clubs, societies and src. The process for students to claim their money (after program). Sponsorship and etc.

3. Islamic environment - Issues of dresscode inside IIUM. Issues of dresscode outside IIUM campus especially when representing IIUM such as tournament. Respecting the azan and etc.Our main concern is to emphasize on islamization as stated in IIUM vision n mission

4. Prof. also shared with us several changes on the administration part such as Council of Professors, Mosque as the academic center and etc.

5. Other issues

During discussion, we can see that our Honorable Rector tend to focus on education compared to giving enforcement towards students. Prof. ardently hope to see this garden of knowledge and virtue can be imbued with IIUM Vision and Mission. InshaAllah!. May all of us gain benefits and all the deeds be accepted as 'Ibadah.

SMS Services @ ITD

Assalamua'laikum wbt. 
SRC would like to share with all of you the SMS Services. Have you guys utilize this service?
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Figure 1: Log in to your portal (myIIUM) and click the "mySMS click here to ACTIVATE" icon.

Figure 2: Key in your mobile no and pin no. Then click register.
Figure 3: Congratulations! You have register.

Figure 4: New services offered. Follow the format and send to 15888

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get the rewards of I'tikaf;

let us REVIVE the Sunnah of Rasulullah >>>

our activities:
*Solat al-Qiyaam, 
*daily lectures, 
*spiritual and intellectual activities, 
*Iftar, Sahur and refreshments

-the venue will be in the IIUM mosque,
-i'tikaf includes iftar,sahur &refreshment,
-daily tazkirah will be delivered in arabic and english,
-for registration ,contact bro adam 0132381505 or sis zubaidah 0173030650 
-for donations contact bro Eyad (0133711653)

fee: rm50


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

 Dear Hon. Prof. Dato’,



On behalf of the students of International Islamic University Malaysia, 
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011 would like to sincerely congratulate Hon. Prof. Dato' on the appointment as the new honorable rector of IIUM. We believe that this achievement will lead this garden of knowledge and virtue to be a better institution.

With high anticipation, we ardently hope for excellent collaboration between the administration and SRC 2010/2011 towards achieving the vision and mission of IIUM. May all of us gain benefits and all the deeds be accepted as 'Ibadah.


Assalamaulaikum wbt..

Since University is now in the process of implementing new Academic Calendar which Semester 1 for the session 2011/2012 will commence on 12 September 2012, there was a problem faced by IIUM students to put their belongings during the long vacation. 

Therefore, a few actions were taken by SRC 10/11 Exco Members to solve this issue. Among them are as follows:

1. A meeting with Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) 2010/2011 was conducted to gather all opinions and suggestions from them to be brought to the upper level management of University.

2. An online survey on the provision Mahallah storeroom had been launched by Welfare Secretariat SRC 10/11.There were more than 500 responses obtained through this survey. Almost 98% of the respondents requested for provision of Mahallah storeroom during the long vacation.

3. A meeting with Deputy Prof.Dr.Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmood (Deputy Rector, Student Affairs) and Madam Noorzamzarina (Student Services Department) had been conducted to find any possible solutions for this issue.


1) For male Mahallah:

a)Uthman, Farouq and Siddiq

Due to renovation work which will be done during short semester, there are no storeroom can be provided in order to facilitate the renovation.

b) Bilal

The meeting room will be used as a storeroom.


TV Room will be used as storeroom.

2) For female Mahallah:
a) Safiyyah, Aminah, Hafsa and Ruqayyah

The storeroom will be provided

On 7th April 2011, the latest decision from Prof Nik was to provide the storerooms during this break. Therefore, all students are allowed to keep their belongings in the storerooms that will be provided. The procedure is subject to the respective Mahallah Offices. Students may contact Mahallah office for further details. 

For some reasons, some other female Mahallah cannot provide storeroom because there are no guarantee for the security of storeroom during vacation and there are no enough space for Mahallah to provide storeroom.

Reported by:
Hafizul Faris bin Che Razlan
Welfare Secretariat
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011

Verified by:
Mohamad Iqbal Ab. Wahab
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011