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Since University is now in the process of implementing new Academic Calendar which Semester 1 for the session 2011/2012 will commence on 12 September 2012, there was a problem faced by IIUM students to put their belongings during the long vacation. 

Therefore, a few actions were taken by SRC 10/11 Exco Members to solve this issue. Among them are as follows:

1. A meeting with Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) 2010/2011 was conducted to gather all opinions and suggestions from them to be brought to the upper level management of University.

2. An online survey on the provision Mahallah storeroom had been launched by Welfare Secretariat SRC 10/11.There were more than 500 responses obtained through this survey. Almost 98% of the respondents requested for provision of Mahallah storeroom during the long vacation.

3. A meeting with Deputy Prof.Dr.Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmood (Deputy Rector, Student Affairs) and Madam Noorzamzarina (Student Services Department) had been conducted to find any possible solutions for this issue.


1) For male Mahallah:

a)Uthman, Farouq and Siddiq

Due to renovation work which will be done during short semester, there are no storeroom can be provided in order to facilitate the renovation.

b) Bilal

The meeting room will be used as a storeroom.


TV Room will be used as storeroom.

2) For female Mahallah:
a) Safiyyah, Aminah, Hafsa and Ruqayyah

The storeroom will be provided

On 7th April 2011, the latest decision from Prof Nik was to provide the storerooms during this break. Therefore, all students are allowed to keep their belongings in the storerooms that will be provided. The procedure is subject to the respective Mahallah Offices. Students may contact Mahallah office for further details. 

For some reasons, some other female Mahallah cannot provide storeroom because there are no guarantee for the security of storeroom during vacation and there are no enough space for Mahallah to provide storeroom.

Reported by:
Hafizul Faris bin Che Razlan
Welfare Secretariat
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011

Verified by:
Mohamad Iqbal Ab. Wahab
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011


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