August, 24 - Alhamdulillah, in this glory of Ramadhan, we managed to have a meeting with IIUM Rector, Prof Dato' Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin. It is our pleasure of having the opportunity to spend one hour with her especially as we have been invited to go inside her own office. After we introduced our 'cabinet', we have discussed with her on several issues:

1. Welfare of IIUM Students - Facilities; wider coverage for wireless. Efficiency of service by the administration towards IIUM students and etc. and from both our office and Prof's office, we agree to have further discussion.

2. Finance - Allocation budget for clubs, societies and src. The process for students to claim their money (after program). Sponsorship and etc.

3. Islamic environment - Issues of dresscode inside IIUM. Issues of dresscode outside IIUM campus especially when representing IIUM such as tournament. Respecting the azan and etc.Our main concern is to emphasize on islamization as stated in IIUM vision n mission

4. Prof. also shared with us several changes on the administration part such as Council of Professors, Mosque as the academic center and etc.

5. Other issues

During discussion, we can see that our Honorable Rector tend to focus on education compared to giving enforcement towards students. Prof. ardently hope to see this garden of knowledge and virtue can be imbued with IIUM Vision and Mission. InshaAllah!. May all of us gain benefits and all the deeds be accepted as 'Ibadah.


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