Online Survey on IIUM Customer Services

For your information, Welfare Secretariat SRC 09/10 is now conducting an online survey about IIUM Customer Services. If you have any comments / complaints about the IIUM Customer Services, you may answer the survey through this link

This survey is important in order to improve the IIUM Customer Services. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. "Your responds will make a change". InsyaAllah.

IIUM 26th Convocation Fiesta

Convocation Fiesta (CONVEST) is an annual event held by Students' Representative Council 2009/2010 in collaboration with university authorities especially Student Development Division. It largely consist of several programmes organized by the clubs, societies and association in International Islamic University Malaysia.

Among the objectives of Convocation Fiesta 2010 are to:

1. To acknowledge the graduating students as well as to serve the IIUM students a great opportunity to organize programme for the IIUM community and public at large.
2. The Convocation Fiesta (CONVEST) will be an avenue to foster and strengthen the ties among the IIUM community as well as members of public.
3. To manifest and reflect the unique abilities, universal ideas and Islamic identity of the university andits students.
4. To cultivate the tradition of knowledge and the preservation of Islamic values as the basis of humanity in building a better community.
5. To appreciate the uniqueness of Islamic cultures adaption in different ethnicities in both local and international.

With the theme "Empowering Future Excellence", we hope that all objectives will be achieved through the implementation of programs throughout CONVEST 2010. InsyaAllah.

You also can get the updates regarding to IIUM 26th Convocation Fiesta from it's Official Blog, and Facebook Group,

Sex Education: How far is the need and reasonableness?

The government’s desire to implement sex education in schools as one of the ways to avoid from the ever rising social ills amongst teenagers is seen as a noble step. Latest statistics show an alarming increase towards social problems amongst teenagers in this country. Due to concern for this problem, the recommendation has arisen to introduce sex education at educational institutions in Malaysia. Seeing how complex this problem is, the suggested sex education issue is still being debated by various parties. A study of the implementation of sex education should be done in a more detailed manner about the implications and long term effects towards the future of Malaysia’s younger generation.

From my viewpoint, this sex education issue should be made substance and refined wisely with utmost care before any action is taken. The result of the implementation of this sex education should not be done hastily. This is because a knee-jerk reaction would not help in solving problems. I view this issue as quite complex because it involves various internal and external factors. Comprehensive and critical discussions and debates are a must to enable a perspective which is holistic in nature to be submitted. It should be investigated beforehand about its implications, taking into account various factors and possibilities.

If viewed from a wider context, the British government has first implemented sex education in schools. However, it appears that they still fail to combat social ills from occurring and worst, social ills in the British society is only increasing even though sex education has been implemented. In this case, I view that sex education is not the best solution in dealing with social problems in this country. What is more important is emphasis and serious understanding towards the Islamic education system and Civics education itself. In my opinion, the existing Islamic education system today should be studied and updated because the existing education system is only a school subject in nature without making the Islamic education to be a comprehensive education system.

A big impact will be faced if sex education is really to be implemented, viewed as if it opens pathways and opportunities for teenagers to engage in sex before marriage. This is because they would no longer have to worry and make up reasons anymore towards this matter as the education system itself teaches them towards it. Other than that, I view that the implementation of sex education is more towards the effort of curing and not preventing, whereas efforts to prevent is more important than efforts to cure. As such, all parties involved should play a part and take into account views from everyone about this issue to make any decision making easier. Error in making decision especially towards a matter that involves the country’s policy will bring about effects to all parties including the society. Because of that, a smart and logical decision is very much needed to create a learned, educated and well behaved younger generation. A race’s civilization will collapse if their younger generation comprise of those weak in their hold of values systems.


UPDATE : Convest '10 Subcommittee Recruitment

Alhamdulillah, finally the filtering process of CONVEST '10 has been completed. InsyaAllah, for those who have responded to the online interview, please check your email in a few days. We will notify you via email.

The Management Board of CONVEST '10

SRC Usrah Umumi - Soal Hati? (Part 1)

Re-Post : Muhammad Firwan Norliza is thinking to make kind of 'Usrah Umumi' for Students' Representative Council IIUM Session 2009/2010; once a month, one hour for every session. The main focus is on our lovely 'heart'. We have talked to Director of SDEV and she also agreed that kind of program. The question is can Lecture Theater full?

Result : The Spirituality & Islamization Secretariat SRC 09/10 will be organizing a program called SRC Usrah Umumi. The details of the program are as follows:

Date: 29th July 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 9.15pm
Venue: ADM LT1
Topic: SOAL HATI? (Part 1)

All of you are invited.Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Ahmad Khairul Azman
Chairperson Spirituality and Islamization Secretariat SRC 09/10

Latest Development in IIUM Kuantan Campus

Alhamdulillah, there are great development in our beloved campus. IIUM Gombak Campus wish congratulation to IIUM Kuantan administration for your commitment and concern.

YDP MPP Malaysia 2010 meeting with Dato 'Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin

The week of June 20, 2010 witnessed an important moment for His MPP Malaysia 2009/2010 session. We gather together with Dato 'Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin at the session, lunch and a friendly place for two hours at the Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya. Very much shared. Dato 'Seri talk about experience and he hopes the current generation of students and the community. At the end, my little comment titipkan Dato 'Seri on his Facebook page after the program,

"The session was relaxed and without the protocol gives me the opportunity to better identify student leaders and hear all the problems and ideas on various issues. Thank you all"

Congratulations and thank to Dato 'Seri. For the first time in 2010, the Council of His MPP Malaysia gather and meet to discuss the direction and movement of His Cabinet. The result is very encouraging. Each His opinion and argument are always to assist the Board continues to serve as a platform YDP MPP Malaysia His ideas together and pour in the interest of students in general.

Here are details of the meeting:

Date: June 20, 2010
Place: Meeting Room, Ministry of Higher Education, Putrajaya
Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Attendance: All except MPP USIM, UiTM, and for reasons that are not

1. Chairman remarks

2. The formation of the Cabinet Council of MPP His Grave 9.10

(Please refer to the tab of the Committee for information)

3. His Movement Planning Council of MPP and MPP

For the next meeting, a consensus was reached that the location and date
should be prescribed to facilitate movement. Location is divided by zone
and meetings of the bill. 2 will be held at UiTM. While the date was agreed
to once a month and July 17 was set as the date of the meeting

4. Discussions in Local Issues and Actions

Three main issues have been discussed in this session include:

1) License football gambling during the World Cup 2010
All those present agreed unanimously not valid on the
carried out and a committee consisting of His UIA, UMP, and UTM
formed to be responsible on this issue. An official letter from
His congregation has been sent to the Prime Minister to state
objection in respect of the football gambling license.

2) The call to convene the Scheme for Training Industry by GLC
This issue brought to students' place in the GLC scheme
training. The call will be forwarded to the Ministry of Commerce,
Authority. Further discussions will be held on
meeting (NO 2 / 2010) after a study carried out. Also discussed is
welfare of students during industrial training to students
not the cheap labor, safety protection, and
such as allowance and accommodation assistance.

3) Disposal of the baby among the students (the role of His Grave)
Agree to produce a writing conference to give media
views on this issue is also the opinion of the media to play
the effective role berkesan.Turut filming guidelines
after the review is made. Islamization program of Land Water Entertainment will also
be attended by the missionaries, directors and film producers, organized by
University of Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA). While the MPP UPM will hold
A Malaysian Student Program and the issue will be taken as an agenda in

5. Discussion Issues and Action Overseas

Palestinian issues find place for this session. Various suggestions
including the collection of donations will be delivered to the public and relevant bodies,
letter of support for the government to drag Israel to justice, and
Fill Angle Speech to the issue of Palestine. Further action will be
detailed further in meeting bills. Two later.

6. Issues - Issues Arising

MPP convention this time will be organized by the UPM and the date the proposal is
in 12, to apply for expedited conference. His data will be collected by MPP
Cabinet Secretary for future reference.

7. Postponement of Meeting

Urgent notice on CONVEST '10 Subcommittee application

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Kindly reminder to the applicant to CONVEST '10 Subcommittee on Tuesday 6th July 2010 (tomorrow) was the last day to send your responses to the online interview. For those who still have not received an email related to online interview, please send your email address as soon as possible to or at our official Facebook: IIUM Convocation Fiesta. Any late reply will not be entertained. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Management Board of CONVEST '10

Ragging and Abuse, Where is the Empathy?

The death of Royal Military College (RMC) student, Naim Mustaqim Mohamad Sobri that is believed caused by ragging, is definitely something to worry. The media is now filled with responses and opinions of public in regard to this issue. Same goes to cases of child abuse that also seems to be a big hit for the current media. I can only think that these problems of ragging and child abuse arise, due to the lack of empathy towards each other.

The vicious cycle of ragging is commonly triggered by tradition of the institution. Activities that are supposed to be fun turned into series of humiliating others, which may seem as 'entertaining' to the audience. However, it is a different case for the 'humiliated' that he/she may hold grudge against the perpetrator. But the victim can never return the 'favour' as the senior will remain superior to him/her. Therefore, the favour is returned to the newly registered juniors when the 'humiliated' become seniors.

This cycle can never be stopped until somebody decided to change the tradition. The victims of ragging may find it unfair, but reality always hit you hard. Orientation week is supposed to introduce you to campus life and prepare you for adulthood. Respect can never be gained unless you learn to respect others first. We should apply the principles of; treat others the way you want to be treated. Varsity students are the leaders of tomorrow. Stephen R Covey said 'seek first to understand then to be understood' in his book of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. At least, we of all people should know that.

IIUM Kuantan Open Day 2010

Please be informed IIUM Kuantan Open Day 2010 will be held on 8th until 10th October 2010. Kindly refer our blogsite, for more details.

Thank You.

Public Relation & Information Secretariat,
SRC IIUM Kuantan Campus 2009/10.

1Malaysia Innovation Tournament Promotion Video

Wanted!!! Volunteers (anybody can join) to appear in 1Malaysia Innovation Tournament Promotion Video. The Program will be on 18th July 2010. Now scouting for a suitable shooting location. Hurry up!!!!! and send us your details to register your name.

To register please send to us (via Facebook message):

Matric No:
Phone No:

Tarik Alamgir,
International Affairs Secretariat,
Students' Representative Council IIUM Session 2009/2010.

CONVEST 2010 Subcommittees Recruitment (URGENT)

Assalamualaikum, to the applicant for the subcommittee CONVEST 2010, please refer to your email and reply latest by Tuesday, 6th July 2010 before 5pm. For those who still have not received the email about this CONVEST 2010 Subcommittee Recruitment, please notify us as soon as possible. Please provide your email address because there may be errors in the database that we received. For any inquiries, please contact us via this email or Facebook: IIUM Convocation Fiesta.

Please check your email regularly. We will notify you by email if you have successfully selected as a Subcommittee CONVEST 2010. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you.

The Management Board of CONVEST 2010.

Jemaah Islamiah Influence in Campus: Implication and Action

Recently, we have been shocked yet again with the issue of the Jemaah Islamiah movement in Malaysia after a string of arrests on a group of foreign nationals in an area in Gombak, believed to be involved with this movement. This issue has increasingly become the topic of conversation among people from the government and private sectors, academicians, politicians, the university and also the public. The government considers the Jemaah Islamiah movement as a high profile and not to mention dangerous issue, and can also threaten the country's safety especially if it affects the public and private higher education institutions in this country.

As an extension of this matter, the government has taken an initiative to have a meeting with all deputy chancellors of universities in Malaysia with the Ministry of Higher Education to discuss the issue that is considered to be able to threaten the country's safety. Because of that, the university has been urged to find and detect university students who are suspected to be involved with the Jemaah Islamiah movement at all of their campuses.

I view this issue as an important one that needs to be explained seriously by the Malaysian government that has alleged that there is involvement of students from local higher education institutions with the Jemaah Islamiah movement in this country. I suggest for the Malaysian government to be able to give clear and accurate explanations, for example by submitting proofs, case facts, list of university students involved and anything else related to this issue to all students in public and private higher education institutions so that they can get a clear general idea regarding this issue. Other than that, I too would like to urge university students in all higher education institutions especially IIUM students to be more sensitive and aware with this issue and to also avoid from getting involved with any militant group that can threaten the safety of any party.

Following all the above mentioned, I think that this Jemaah Islamiah issue will give a big impact to the country especially towards local higher education institutions when there are parties which allege that the Jemaah Islamiah influence is brought by overseas students studying in Malaysia. Consequently, this matter would maybe affect Malaysia's relationship with the countries associated. Other than that, this issue would also give a negative effect to Islamic movements around the world. Addition to that, this issue is viewed as though the Islamic movement is related to violence and indirectly has opened space and opportunity to the enemies of Islam to bring down Islam in a subtle way. Nevertheless, I am confident and I believe that Islamic movements around the world have their own arguments and stance in dealing with the issue.

Thus, I hope that this issue can be explained and resolved precisely, and in a just and smart manner by the government. If the Jemaah Islamiah issue is seen to actually exist in local higher education institutions and proven that there are those amongst university students involved, then the government should take appropriate actions to contain this issue. As a conclusion, everyone should give their cooperation and should ensure that this issue gets to be solved and conducted in a smart and mature way without taking into account the importance and prejudice of any party involved.

Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010
International Islamic University Malaysia

Film Industry and Malaysian Drama as Platform for the Formation of Teenagers' Personalities.

The development of the country's entertainment industry especially in the filming and drama industry is considered as the greatest achievement and very meaningful for several parties, specifically those who are directly involved in this industry. Generally, the Ministry of Art, Culture and Heritage Malaysia is also proud with the achievement of the country's entertainment industry, and the Ministry had even provided a huge amount of expenses for the development of this industry.

However, in the vigorous way of how this industry is expanding, I see that the maturity and quality of film and drama in this country as still not quite encouraging. This is because, most films and dramas that have been published are less interspersed with elements of identity formation, morals and effective lesson learned to the community. As an undergraduate, I am more prone to see the film and drama industry to be made as a platform for the formation of personality and morals especially of the teenagers. If today's situation is viewed, most films and dramas that are made are only to entertain without helping from the angle of the mind and intellectual development of the community. Films and dramas that are made also failed to teach teenagers today due to most of the films and dramas that are being showed on television or at the cinemas are more towards the western or extreme entertainment elements which conflict clearly with the Eastern values.

I am in view that the community especially the teenagers today are already matured in choosing the kind of entertainment that is beneficial to them, but it is rather unfortunate that we actually lack quality films and dramas to be shown to the public. If to be compared with the film industry and Indonesian drama, they are far at the forefront and even smart to use the opportunities available in this industry. Most films and dramas produced are also able to give a positive impact and teach the community. I feel that this action is important and should be followed because it shows the maturity of the film and drama industry of a country. Other than that, I am also in view that the film and drama industry should be made as the main channel in presenting preaching elements as can be seen of the West which also uses the entertainment as their propaganda agenda.

As such, in line with the modernization and hedonism challenges, I suggest for the country's film industry and drama to stress and adopt moral elements and identity development through films and dramas produced. Films and dramas produced must be mature in shaping and helping the development of good personality for the continuity of an excellent generation of a country especially the young generation. I see this as an important step in realising and strengthening more the government's desire to produce a first class human capital, as not only wanting to be excellent, brilliant and distinct in the economy development and infrastructure and physical solely, but also excellent in the human development itself whereby it is in line with the the country's education philosophy which is Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellect. The country's noble intention can be reached with cooperation from all parties including those involved in the filming and drama industry in Malaysia.

Other than that, FINAS is also urged to refine the existing policy in passing films and dramas produced. As a responsible party, I suggest for FINAS to tighten the policy used to produce quality films and dramas in all aspects and not prioritizing the profit solely. I am confident, and I also believe that the country's filming industry and drama are able to develop more and succeeding at the international arena if renewal in the industry can be implemented.

Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010
International Islamic University Malaysia

Tapak ISTAC jadi Kampus UIAM Kuala Lumpur

Bagi yang arif dengan Jalan Duta, pasti sudah maklum akan kewujudan Institut Antarabangsa Tamadun dan Pemikiran Islam (Istac) di atas tanah seluas 4.6 hektar ini sejak 4 Ogos 2008.

Namun, tanggal 6 Mei lalu, secara rasminya Istac diiktiraf sebagai salah satu daripada dua institut di bawah kampus keempat yang dikenali sebagai Kampus Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM), Kuala Lumpur.

Satu lagi ialah Institut Perbankan dan Kewangan Islam (IIiBF) yang sebelum ini terletak di kampus lama Istac iaitu di Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Dengan itu, UIAM Kampus Kuala Lumpur merangkumi dua institut iaitu Istac dan Institut Perbankan dan Kewangan Islam (IIiBF).

Pengiktirafan itu selari dengan gelaran yang diberikan kepada kampus-kampus UIAM di seluruh negeri oleh pihak universiti.

Kampus induk UIAM yang seluas 283 hektar terletak di Gombak, Selangor mampu menawarkan pelbagai program pengajian kepada pelajar dari dalam dan luar negara.

Selain itu, UIAM juga mempunyai dua kampus cawangan iaitu; kampus cawangan di Petaling Jaya, Selangor dan Nilai, Negeri Sembilan yang menempatkan Pusat Asasi.

Kampus di Kuantan, Pahang pula menjurus kepada pengajian Sains Kesihatan, Farmasi dan Perubatan.

Ini menjadikan secara keseluruhannya, jumlah pelajar UIAM adalah seramai 21,000 orang.

Majlis bersejarah perasmian Istac sebagai kampus UIAM Kuala Lumpur disempurnakan oleh Sultan Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah. Turut hadir, Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil dan Dekan Istac, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim M. Zein.

Sejak penubuhannya kira-kira 27 tahun lalu, UIAM merupakan salah sebuah universiti yang sering diperkatakan di dunia Islam.

Apatah lagi, matlamatnya adalah untuk menghidupkan kembali konsep pembelajaran secara Islam dan meluaskan bidang pilihan kepada umat Islam dalam pengajian peringkat tinggi.

Rektor UIAM, Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid menegaskan, kampus UIAM Kuala Lumpur memainkan peranan besar dalam melahirkan para sarjana dan cendekiawan Islam dalam menyemarakkan kesyumulan dan keunggulan Islam bukan sahaja di negara ini malah seluruh dunia.

Fahami Makna Doa

"Luqman, bacalah doa, supaya Allah selamatkan perjalanan kita nak ke rumah opah ni."

"Luqman tak tahulah, abah. Dekat Khalifah Institute tak belajar lagi."

"Luqman, baca sahaja doa dalam bahasa Melayu. Allah Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Bijaksana."

Lantas kedua anak-beranak itu menadah tangan.

"Ya Allah, abah dan Luqman dan balik kampung jumpa atuk dan opah. Luqman rindu dengan atuk dan opah. Selamatkan perjalanan Luqman dan abah pergi dan balik. Berkatilah perjalanan kami ya Allah."

Abdul Birri terharu. Biar ringkas doa anaknya yang comel gebu itu, keikhlasannya terserlah. Titisan air mata mengalir perlahan dari kedua-dua bola mata.

"Kenapa abah nangis?"

"Semoga Allah memberkati kamu, nak. Abah terharu dengan doa kamu tadi. Cuma, nak jangan lupa, puji-pujian dan selawat diawal dan diakhir doa."

Abdul Birri menarik nafas. Kemudian menyambung tuturan hikmah.

"Dalam al-Quran, banyak doa-doa. Contohnya, doa Nabi Musa a.s. apabila pulang berbicara dengan Allah. Pada waktu baginda sampai kepada kaumnya, Bani Israil sedang menyembah patung anak lembu. Doa berikut ada dalam surah al-A'raaf:151

Ya Tuhanku, ampunilah aku dan saudaraku dan masukkanlah kami ke dalam rahmat Engkau, dan Engkau adalah Maha Penyayang antara para penyayang.

Dan ini pula doa Nabi Musa a.s. selepas membunuh seorang Qibti dipasar. Qibti ini bergaduh dengan seorang bangsa Israel. Nabi Musa a.s. berdoa memohon ampun

"Ya Tuhanku, sesungguhnya aku telah menganiaya diriku sendiri kerana itu, ampunilah daku" (Al-Qashash:16)

Ini pula, untaian doa-doa Nabi Musa a.s. supaya dilapangkan dada baginda untuk bertemu dengan Firaun yang maha kejam.

"...ya Tuhanku, tambahkanlah kepadaku ilmu pengetahuan." (Thahaa: 114)

"Ya Tuhanku, aku berlindung kepada Engkau daripada bisikan-bisikan syaitan. Dan aku berlindung (pula) kepada Engkau ya Tuhanku, daripada kedatangan mereka kepadaku." (Al-Mukminun: 97-98)

"Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah untukku dadaku. Dan mudahkanlah untukku urusanku. Dan lepaskanlah kekakuan daripada lidahku. Supaya mereka mengerti perkataaanku. (Thaahaa: 25-28)

"Oh, macam tu. Terima kasih, abah."

"Sama-sama, nak" Abdul Birri membalas terima kasih bersama pelukan.


Setiap kali solat, kita berdoa. Setiap kali melakukan sesuatu perkara hatta masuk ke tandas, kita berdoa. Sudah lama kita hidup di dunia ini. Mungkin sudah berbelas-belas tahun atau puluhan tahun.

Marilah sama-sama, memahami makna doa. Supaya, apabila berdoa, keikhlasan berdoa itu hadir dalam hati kita. Kalbu mana yang tidak tersentuh apabila memahami makna-makna doa? Semua doa menunjukkan betapa kita ini hamba. Lemah. Kerdil. Sungguh, kepada Allah sahajalah tempat kita mengadu dan meminta pertolongan.

Mungkin, anda mahu seperti Luqman. Boleh juga. Yang penting, fahami makna doa, supaya keikhlasan lahir daripada hati. Tulus meminta, insyaAllah dikabulkan Allah...

FROM:solah uia kuantan
p/s: thank you for this...=)

Mahallah Canteen Visit to Get More Information on Complaint Made by Arabian Students

International Affairs Secretariat, SRC 09/10 has done a visit on 29 June 2010, to get more information on complaint made by Arabian Students at Mahallah Zubair Cafe, IIUM.

The Complaint was look similar to this and made on 29th June, 2010:

Salam Tariq;
Someone complains here in Zubair canteen because one of the favorite for the students is going to close by the end of this week due to the rejection from the canteen restaurant management to renew for the restaurant.
Can the SRC solve this problem?
(Undisclosed Sender)

Immediate Response from SRC:
International secretariats has visited to the canteen and have tried to meet the owner and victim caterer of the restaurant and we could manage to meet caterer and collected more details on this issue but the owner was now available to discuss in this matter. We SRC are still following up this matter.

Skill Development Program on Matlab, PSPICE, Adobe Photoshop and SPSS

International Affairs Secretariat of SRC 09/10 in collaboration with Engineering Students’ Society 2009/2010 has organized a Skill Development Program on MATLAB, PSPICE, Adobe Photoshop AND SPSS on 21-23 June 2010 at GPCL, E3 - LEVEL 1, and CAD LAB, E5 - LEVEL 2, KOE, IIUM. 93 Students has joined this program.