YDP MPP Malaysia 2010 meeting with Dato 'Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin

The week of June 20, 2010 witnessed an important moment for His MPP Malaysia 2009/2010 session. We gather together with Dato 'Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin at the session, lunch and a friendly place for two hours at the Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya. Very much shared. Dato 'Seri talk about experience and he hopes the current generation of students and the community. At the end, my little comment titipkan Dato 'Seri on his Facebook page after the program,

"The session was relaxed and without the protocol gives me the opportunity to better identify student leaders and hear all the problems and ideas on various issues. Thank you all"

Congratulations and thank to Dato 'Seri. For the first time in 2010, the Council of His MPP Malaysia gather and meet to discuss the direction and movement of His Cabinet. The result is very encouraging. Each His opinion and argument are always to assist the Board continues to serve as a platform YDP MPP Malaysia His ideas together and pour in the interest of students in general.

Here are details of the meeting:

Date: June 20, 2010
Place: Meeting Room, Ministry of Higher Education, Putrajaya
Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Attendance: All except MPP USIM, UiTM, and for reasons that are not

1. Chairman remarks

2. The formation of the Cabinet Council of MPP His Grave 9.10

(Please refer to the tab of the Committee for information)

3. His Movement Planning Council of MPP and MPP

For the next meeting, a consensus was reached that the location and date
should be prescribed to facilitate movement. Location is divided by zone
and meetings of the bill. 2 will be held at UiTM. While the date was agreed
to once a month and July 17 was set as the date of the meeting

4. Discussions in Local Issues and Actions

Three main issues have been discussed in this session include:

1) License football gambling during the World Cup 2010
All those present agreed unanimously not valid on the
carried out and a committee consisting of His UIA, UMP, and UTM
formed to be responsible on this issue. An official letter from
His congregation has been sent to the Prime Minister to state
objection in respect of the football gambling license.

2) The call to convene the Scheme for Training Industry by GLC
This issue brought to students' place in the GLC scheme
training. The call will be forwarded to the Ministry of Commerce,
Authority. Further discussions will be held on
meeting (NO 2 / 2010) after a study carried out. Also discussed is
welfare of students during industrial training to students
not the cheap labor, safety protection, and
such as allowance and accommodation assistance.

3) Disposal of the baby among the students (the role of His Grave)
Agree to produce a writing conference to give media
views on this issue is also the opinion of the media to play
the effective role berkesan.Turut filming guidelines
after the review is made. Islamization program of Land Water Entertainment will also
be attended by the missionaries, directors and film producers, organized by
University of Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA). While the MPP UPM will hold
A Malaysian Student Program and the issue will be taken as an agenda in

5. Discussion Issues and Action Overseas

Palestinian issues find place for this session. Various suggestions
including the collection of donations will be delivered to the public and relevant bodies,
letter of support for the government to drag Israel to justice, and
Fill Angle Speech to the issue of Palestine. Further action will be
detailed further in meeting bills. Two later.

6. Issues - Issues Arising

MPP convention this time will be organized by the UPM and the date the proposal is
in 12, to apply for expedited conference. His data will be collected by MPP
Cabinet Secretary for future reference.

7. Postponement of Meeting


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