Mahallah Canteen Visit to Get More Information on Complaint Made by Arabian Students

International Affairs Secretariat, SRC 09/10 has done a visit on 29 June 2010, to get more information on complaint made by Arabian Students at Mahallah Zubair Cafe, IIUM.

The Complaint was look similar to this and made on 29th June, 2010:

Salam Tariq;
Someone complains here in Zubair canteen because one of the favorite for the students is going to close by the end of this week due to the rejection from the canteen restaurant management to renew for the restaurant.
Can the SRC solve this problem?
(Undisclosed Sender)

Immediate Response from SRC:
International secretariats has visited to the canteen and have tried to meet the owner and victim caterer of the restaurant and we could manage to meet caterer and collected more details on this issue but the owner was now available to discuss in this matter. We SRC are still following up this matter.


tarik said...

SRC International secretariat have visited Mahallah Zubair Canteen and met the owner to discuss on the arising matter. We went through a brief discussion to resolve the problem on Yemeni Food at the canteen.

The meeting was held successfully and The Caterer (Owner) has given their promises that they are concern about student demand and they gave us the promise to maintain the followings:

1. They will ensure to find another new Yemeni chef; better than the existing; in order to make sure that the food is same as traditional Yemeni food
2. The price must go down to ensure the reasonable price.
3. SRC will be observing the quality and focusing the student demand to the owner.

Therefore, it is our humble request to all students in the campus to forward your feedback on arising student related issue once you come across with it. Thanks to all international students those who brought this issue to us.

tarik said...

We also have listened one students personal problems while we were in the Zubair canteen facing in the campus. We will try our best to get to the bottom of this as well.

"Student welfare is our main concern"

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