Film Industry and Malaysian Drama as Platform for the Formation of Teenagers' Personalities.

The development of the country's entertainment industry especially in the filming and drama industry is considered as the greatest achievement and very meaningful for several parties, specifically those who are directly involved in this industry. Generally, the Ministry of Art, Culture and Heritage Malaysia is also proud with the achievement of the country's entertainment industry, and the Ministry had even provided a huge amount of expenses for the development of this industry.

However, in the vigorous way of how this industry is expanding, I see that the maturity and quality of film and drama in this country as still not quite encouraging. This is because, most films and dramas that have been published are less interspersed with elements of identity formation, morals and effective lesson learned to the community. As an undergraduate, I am more prone to see the film and drama industry to be made as a platform for the formation of personality and morals especially of the teenagers. If today's situation is viewed, most films and dramas that are made are only to entertain without helping from the angle of the mind and intellectual development of the community. Films and dramas that are made also failed to teach teenagers today due to most of the films and dramas that are being showed on television or at the cinemas are more towards the western or extreme entertainment elements which conflict clearly with the Eastern values.

I am in view that the community especially the teenagers today are already matured in choosing the kind of entertainment that is beneficial to them, but it is rather unfortunate that we actually lack quality films and dramas to be shown to the public. If to be compared with the film industry and Indonesian drama, they are far at the forefront and even smart to use the opportunities available in this industry. Most films and dramas produced are also able to give a positive impact and teach the community. I feel that this action is important and should be followed because it shows the maturity of the film and drama industry of a country. Other than that, I am also in view that the film and drama industry should be made as the main channel in presenting preaching elements as can be seen of the West which also uses the entertainment as their propaganda agenda.

As such, in line with the modernization and hedonism challenges, I suggest for the country's film industry and drama to stress and adopt moral elements and identity development through films and dramas produced. Films and dramas produced must be mature in shaping and helping the development of good personality for the continuity of an excellent generation of a country especially the young generation. I see this as an important step in realising and strengthening more the government's desire to produce a first class human capital, as not only wanting to be excellent, brilliant and distinct in the economy development and infrastructure and physical solely, but also excellent in the human development itself whereby it is in line with the the country's education philosophy which is Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellect. The country's noble intention can be reached with cooperation from all parties including those involved in the filming and drama industry in Malaysia.

Other than that, FINAS is also urged to refine the existing policy in passing films and dramas produced. As a responsible party, I suggest for FINAS to tighten the policy used to produce quality films and dramas in all aspects and not prioritizing the profit solely. I am confident, and I also believe that the country's filming industry and drama are able to develop more and succeeding at the international arena if renewal in the industry can be implemented.

Muhammad Firwan Norliza
Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010
International Islamic University Malaysia


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