Sex Education: How far is the need and reasonableness?

The government’s desire to implement sex education in schools as one of the ways to avoid from the ever rising social ills amongst teenagers is seen as a noble step. Latest statistics show an alarming increase towards social problems amongst teenagers in this country. Due to concern for this problem, the recommendation has arisen to introduce sex education at educational institutions in Malaysia. Seeing how complex this problem is, the suggested sex education issue is still being debated by various parties. A study of the implementation of sex education should be done in a more detailed manner about the implications and long term effects towards the future of Malaysia’s younger generation.

From my viewpoint, this sex education issue should be made substance and refined wisely with utmost care before any action is taken. The result of the implementation of this sex education should not be done hastily. This is because a knee-jerk reaction would not help in solving problems. I view this issue as quite complex because it involves various internal and external factors. Comprehensive and critical discussions and debates are a must to enable a perspective which is holistic in nature to be submitted. It should be investigated beforehand about its implications, taking into account various factors and possibilities.

If viewed from a wider context, the British government has first implemented sex education in schools. However, it appears that they still fail to combat social ills from occurring and worst, social ills in the British society is only increasing even though sex education has been implemented. In this case, I view that sex education is not the best solution in dealing with social problems in this country. What is more important is emphasis and serious understanding towards the Islamic education system and Civics education itself. In my opinion, the existing Islamic education system today should be studied and updated because the existing education system is only a school subject in nature without making the Islamic education to be a comprehensive education system.

A big impact will be faced if sex education is really to be implemented, viewed as if it opens pathways and opportunities for teenagers to engage in sex before marriage. This is because they would no longer have to worry and make up reasons anymore towards this matter as the education system itself teaches them towards it. Other than that, I view that the implementation of sex education is more towards the effort of curing and not preventing, whereas efforts to prevent is more important than efforts to cure. As such, all parties involved should play a part and take into account views from everyone about this issue to make any decision making easier. Error in making decision especially towards a matter that involves the country’s policy will bring about effects to all parties including the society. Because of that, a smart and logical decision is very much needed to create a learned, educated and well behaved younger generation. A race’s civilization will collapse if their younger generation comprise of those weak in their hold of values systems.



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