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Congratulation to Mr. President of Students' Representative Council 2008/2009 Muhammad Sofiyussalam Mohamad Johari for the Article in mahasiswakini and Utusan Malaysia Online. The article is about the planning of the government to establish TV Islam in Malaysia.

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Alhamdulillah, on 6th of June 2009 ago, Sports & Culture Secretariat of SRC 2009/2010 had successfully organized the Traditional Games Carnival 2009 (TGC’09) at Saidina Hamzah Male Sports Complex. Congratulations to Br. Mohamad Kamarul Helmi bin Mohamad Nawawi, Chairperson of Sports & Culture Secretariat for your successfulness in organizing the first programme under your secretariat for this tenure.

This programme was run by 58 committee members from different kulliyyahs. The Programme Manager was Br. Mahmud Husni Abdul Hadi, third year student of Material Engineering. Thank you and congratulations to him and his committees for their good and excellent job.

TGC ’09 was joined by Cultural Based Societies and Kulliyyah Based Societies such as BEDSA, HISTFORIUM, Dikir Club, Ang Klung Club, Gamelan Club, Cak Lempong Club, ENGINIUS, LAWSOC, KAED, and also one team from SRC itself which represented by Br. Fahmi, Br. Mukhlis, Br. Hairulza’im, Br. Firwan, Br. Kamarul himself, Sr. Mashitah, Sr. Ummu, Sr. Noraini, Sr. Zatil Arifah and Sr. Amiratul Awatif.

This pioneer project by Sports & Culture Secretariat was organized so as to combine all Cultural Based Societies under one programme so that they have a time to know each other and learned from each other because sometimes they have to perform together in one event or show. However, to make it grander, we also invited one team each from every kulliyyah in this Gombak Campus. They gave a very good cooperation and participation even though this programme was held during short semester where most students are doing practical and there are also some students who are not taking short semester.

The main objectives of this Traditional Games Carnival 2009 are to introduce Malaysian traditional games to international students as well as to remind Malaysian students to their heritage. Unfortunately, the objectives of this programme were not fully achieved because we have received small participation from international students. Hopefully, for our next programme, we will be focusing more on the publicity and promotion part especially to promote our programme to international students.

During the event, although they have made the preparation the day before, all of the committees arrived as early as 6.45 o’clock to double check the final preparation to make sure all of the technical aspects are ready for the programme to be run smoothly. Participants started to arrive at 7.30 a.m. and after they had registered, buns and mineral waters were given for breakfast.

To make it more traditional, committees have prepared small clothes with the names of Malay warriors for them to wear instead of using names of their societies. Every team have their own names such as Tok Janggut, Hang Nadim, Tun Perak, Hang Tuah, Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu, Hang Nadim, Hang Jebat and etcetera.

In general, this programme started at 9 a.m. with the first game which was marble game for male participants and batu seremban game for female participants. Each team had sent one representative to compete in this game. All participants enjoyed their first game. The interesting part in the marble game was, an international student named Tarik from ENGINIUS won that game. It seems that he had more talent in this game compared to Malaysian students =)

Afterwards, after finishing marble game and batu seremban game, each team sent five male representatives to play susun tin game. This game was very interesting because we need to discuss and plan our strategy to make sure we can rebuild again the tin pyramid while the other team which is our enemy will try to ‘kill’ us with the hand made ball. Lots of energies required to run and to avoid from being hit by the ball and in the same time, the players had to rebuild the pyramid tin again to win the game.

While male participants enjoying the susun tin game, female participants competed in galah panjang game. They looked very excited while playing this game because their voices can be heard from long distance. This showed that the female participants enjoyed their game.

After male and female participants finished both susun tin and galah panjang games, they continued to play sepak raga and tutup botol game. Most of the male teams got full marks in sepak raga game because the rule said that if the team can ‘timbang bola’ more than 20 times, they got full marks. Although tutup botol game normally played by male, it is not a weird thing if this game was played by female. The truth is that, during that game, most of the female participants played this game well and got high marks.

After that, male participants proceed to galah panjang game. Galah panjang game was one of the most popular traditional games in Malaysia and it can be said that there are no Malaysian people grow without playing this game. Normally, this game was played by male, but the interesting part of all traditional games was anyone can play the games regardless of their gender.

‘Cari cucu’ game was played by female participants. In this game, representative from each group needs to find her team-mates with her eye closed where her team-mates cannot make any sounds. What make this game more interesting is that, her team-mates were combined with other groups and this gave the representative quite a challenge to find her team-mates.

While female participants were enjoying the ‘Cari Cucu’ game, male participants played the ‘Teng-teng’ game.

The last game for male participants was ‘Konda-kondi’ game. This game was also a popular game where the other group act as enemy need to catch the timber thrown by the players.

Female participants finished this traditional games carnival by competed in ‘Jan jan jala’ and ‘Congkak’ games. Congkak game was very synonymy with them as it was very popular among female Malaysian.

Closing and prize giving ceremony

Mdm. Norliza binti Che Hassan

Assistant Director

Cultural and Arts Unit

Student Development Division

Alhamdulillah, we received good respond from her and she also congratulate the Sports & Culture Secretariat and also the organizing committees for being able to organize this interesting and inspiring programme. Moreover, in her speech before she launched the closing ceremony of Traditional Games Carnival 2009, she suggested to the committees to make this programme annually and for the next time, try to include traditional games from other countries. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mdm. Norliza for spending her time to be with us in this event although she had to attend other event at CAC on the same day.

Below are the winners in this TGC ’09:

Champion : HANG KASTURI = 412

First runner up : TUN PERAK = 273

Second runner up : HANG NADIM = 247

Fourth place : TOK JANGGUT = 182

Fifth place : HANG JEBAT = 174

Sixth place : HANG LEKIU = 161

Seventh place :HANG TUAH = 129

Eighth place :HANG LEKIR = 114

Ninth place :TUN FATIMAH = 117

Tenth place :RENTAP =98

After the closing ceremony, most participants took pictures as a memorial to this memorable event. After distributing hampers and souvenirs among themselves, they dispersed at about 2 o’clock.

Congratulations to all the winners, hopefully, all of you will join this programme again next time. Unfortunately, SRC team just got the fourth place. It’s ok guys, we will try harder next time.. hehe..

Hopefully this carnival will be an initiator for this programme to be held annually with the addition of the traditional games from other countries to make it more interesting and wonderful as said by Mdm. Norliza, insyaAllah.


Last 6th June 2009, Students' Representative Council 2008/2009; Sports and Culture Secretariat organised Traditional Games Carnival. Held at Saidina Hamzah Sport Complex, 9.00am, this event sure filling up some student's pastimes. Hope everyone enjoy looking at the pictures.

Kami Tok Janggut (We are Tok Janggut(s)); (from left) Firwan, Zaim, Fahmi, Mukhlis, Kamarul

Mukhlis is trying to explain "How to Fly a Kite" to Ibrahim. Also, Kamarul (our Sports and Culture Secretariat's Chairperson; green shirt)

We are playing Galah Panjang

Hope somebody catches the ball. High up!

Traditional games is definitely not gender-biased

Remember the old times eh Mashitah (blue shirt), Vice President 3

Jan jan jala itik ayam

The hardworking committees

Thank you for everyone that has made this event a success. Look forward for Kulliyyah Champion's Cup on July!

Sincere, Reliable, Committed


Faces of our next generation

LANGUAGE LEARNING: Consider the implications

By: Mashitah Abdul Mutalib, Vice President 3, Students' Representative Council 08/09, IIUM

AS a means of upgrading the standard of English among students, the suggestion to make English a compulsory subject to pass in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination is a very good idea.

But, if we view this issue from the perspective of students in rural areas, this decision may be seen as working against their efforts to pursue their studies up to tertiary level.

It is hoped that before a decision is made, the interests of the public as a whole are carefully considered and that any decision taken does not reflect the interests of only a certain group of people.

If this decision will jeopardise the future of a big percentage of students, then making a pass in English a necessary condition for obtaining an SPM certificate would likely result in more damage than benefit to our education system.

It is our hope that comprehensive research is carried out before any decision is made since we are dealing with the future of our next generation.
As students, we appreciate the effort by the Education Ministry to solicit feedback from the public on this vital issue.

*Source: New Straits Times

In a place where a students say does matters, it would be the education system. IIUM SRC 08/09 applaud the government's effort to gain feedback from the public in the issues that relates to the public at large. May this effort bring our country towards a prosperous 1 Malaysia.

Sincere, Reliable, Committed

Another Intellectual Fiesta Update

This is Arkib Negara: Memorial Tun Hussien Onn. (oh yes, and the participants of this visit as well)

Mukhlis, what are you looking at?

We were busy reading everything. Its the life of our former leader, mate. History..

From top left: Zaim, Azwan, Fahmi, Mukhlis and Firwan

The cool auditorium

The briefing + breakfast session

Thank you everyone..

Sincere, Reliable, Committed


This is one of the program under Intellectual Fiesta. Dialogue on Economic Crisis. The picture above is the panelists. From left: Nani, YB Khairy Jamaluddin, YB Nik Nazmi and Prof Aslam as moderator.
Our President Sofiyussalam and Vice President 2, Anas are enjoying the refreshment with the panelist, YB Khairy.

Laughter of the leaders: YB Khairy and YB Nik Nazmi

You can see the queue. Thats how we finish this program after midnight. We sure have a lot to ask.

Concentrating (Firwan and Anas)..

To everyone that has made that night event a success: the panelist, moderator, organiser, committees, and everyone that has come. Thank you very much.

Sincere, Reliable, Committed

A Visit from Borneo

Last 2nd of June, we had a visit from UMS (Universit Malaysia Sabah). Anyway, let the pictures do the talking.
The Presidents: Bro Azrul and Bro Sofiyussalam

You see, this our beloved mosque.

This was at the library. Sure everyone found something beneficial there.

We are glad to have this visit from UMS. It seems that everyone can fly with AirAsia nowadays. May this bond last. Aameen.

Sincere, Reliable, Committed


Our President Sofiyussalam , is having some serious conversation with BEDSA president, Lukman.

Attending the guest. Rajin Noraini..

What are you doing Zatil?

Well, as you can see, our office is FULL. Thank you to all that have come.

Bet the foods that we have prepared were delicious (kerepek and kek sahaja). Thumbs up!

Mukhlis is sharing his views with some sisters. What are you saying Mukhlis? They look interested.

And we have some internationals too. I bet they are speaking Arabic with Noraini and Anas.

Thank you for your support guys.

Sincere, Reliable, Committed

Dialogue With Admin: Helmet Issues

The dialogue was chaired by Bro Mohd Hairulza'im bin Md Zin, Chairperson of Spirituality and Islamization, SRC 08/09. The panelist were Dr Akmal Khuzairy Abdul Rahman, Director of Students' Development Division, Bro Muhammad Azrul Hazerin Abd Razak, Assistant Director of Legal Unit, Bro Abdul Wahab Hj Zawawi, Security Officer.

Many have come though not all the seats are occupied. And not all the audience were motorcyclist. So here are some of the details.

Some of the respond from the students:
  • What is the rationale of this implementation.
  • Why does this issue is being discussed in the short semester as not all students are taking short semester.
  • The administration should focused on other issues such as; couples who ride together,

Some of the respond from the panelist:
  • The rule of wearing helmet is already there.
  • There are cases where the students involved in accidents
  • Other universities have enforced this rule.
  • It is the order of JKJR (Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya)
  • This enforcement is also meant for the staff
  • Our Rector is very concerned about the students. Also, there is a possibility for the parents to sue the University (if anything happens to their child, God forbid)
  • Wearing "turban(serban)" seems like a good idea.
  • It is the responsibility of the administration to enforce this rule.
Thank you to all that have come. We appreciate your concern.

Sincere, Reliable, Committed