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LANGUAGE LEARNING: Consider the implications

By: Mashitah Abdul Mutalib, Vice President 3, Students' Representative Council 08/09, IIUM

AS a means of upgrading the standard of English among students, the suggestion to make English a compulsory subject to pass in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination is a very good idea.

But, if we view this issue from the perspective of students in rural areas, this decision may be seen as working against their efforts to pursue their studies up to tertiary level.

It is hoped that before a decision is made, the interests of the public as a whole are carefully considered and that any decision taken does not reflect the interests of only a certain group of people.

If this decision will jeopardise the future of a big percentage of students, then making a pass in English a necessary condition for obtaining an SPM certificate would likely result in more damage than benefit to our education system.

It is our hope that comprehensive research is carried out before any decision is made since we are dealing with the future of our next generation.
As students, we appreciate the effort by the Education Ministry to solicit feedback from the public on this vital issue.

*Source: New Straits Times

In a place where a students say does matters, it would be the education system. IIUM SRC 08/09 applaud the government's effort to gain feedback from the public in the issues that relates to the public at large. May this effort bring our country towards a prosperous 1 Malaysia.

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JEBAT said...

Permulaan yang baik untuk artikel-artikel akan datang;-)

src-iium said...

thanks jebat..
Insyallah we'll keep it up

Anas Tulib said...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
بارك الله فيك يا أختي

Well written sister Ummu, and indeed it is very important that decisions suite everybody.

It is important also to know that learning in a language that is foreign to you does not really benefit you all the time, because the major concern would be "understanding the course" using that certain language. It will prevent students from being "innovative".
Although people should know English, because it is the language of science nowadays, but it is not necessary that they learn everything using that Language.

Thanks Ummu and hope that your voice would be heard.

Anas Tulib
Vice President 2

SRC said...

thank you anas.

but just for your information, the article is written by Mashitah. =)

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