September 28th –Alhamdullilah, indeed all the praises are only deserve for Allah s.w.t as He is the one who has given us strength, spirits and chance to run this event during this semester. After all the struggles, this gathering was successfully run by all committees. 

The main objective of this event is to have an open discussion with Da’wah & Tarbiah Secretariat from all societies, MRC and also with international representatives which have quite large community in this university. Another objective of this Brotherhood Gathering is to preserve Islamic environment which has been ‘eroded’ as this university.

Generally, this program has achieved its goal when we have received a large number of participants. They have showed such a great of interest by vigorously responds to each questions and opinions asked by the Moderator. The discussion has become a remarkable indicator to show that our community is concerning and looking forward for the resolution on this ummatic problem in IIUM especially. Truly, they are still craving and waiting for the da’wah to be delivered and spread among them.

After having discussion for 3 hours, there are some opinions and suggestions made by the representatives. Their suggestions are as follow:

1.       All communities of IIUM must have the awareness of spreading da’wah.
2.       Increase the efforts and make targets to those who are not really interested with Islamic programmes and values on spreading the da’wah.
3.       Continue to make humbly requests to IIUM Administration, since the power of implementing Islamic environment is belong to them. 

From what have been discussed by the students through this open discussion, we can see the keen of interests, feelings and hopes from participants to make sure this university always stick with its mission of ‘TRIPLE ICE’ particularly in the matter of Islamization. 

So, let us hold our hands together and make our ukhuwwah stronger. Say to them that we love Islam and we shall always strive over da’wah!!


Spiritual & Islamization Secretariat
Students’ Representatives Council 2010/2011


Arica110 said...

Does IIUM have any separate clubs for women only,as free mixing is Haram, its not permissible for men and women to come together even in dawah activities,unless they only talk only and only out of dire necessity ,is that the case in IIUM,or men and women mix freely at the university? A lot of people are interested in studying in this university but backing out only for this reason,even sheikhs didn't seem to like the environment.The university is named as Islamic university but our question is does it abide by its name?

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