25th Sept: IIUM Student Leaders Camp

" Manifestation of As-Soff verse 4"

September, 24 – Alhamdulillah, on 23rd & 24th September, Presidential Secretariat managed to organize a 2-days programme that unites IIUM Student Leaders. Several talks have been arranged to instill motivation & knowledge to IIUM Student Leaders such as:

     Talk 1: 
IIUM Student Leaders: Upholding the Islamic way of Life by Tn. Hj Mohamad Naser bin Desa

 Talk 2: 
Role of IIUM Student Leaders by Prof Dr. Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod

 Talk 3: 
Vision and Mission of IIUM by Tan Sri Prof. Mohd Kamal Hassan

 It has been attended by representatives from several societies, clubs and mahallah representatives. The most crucial part in this programme was the discussion for resolutions that will be submitted to the top management. The issues that we had discussed are:

      Integration & Internalization 
Welfare (in Kulliyyah)
Student Parliament

Here are the summary of the solutions that we will submit to the top management:

1.       Increase the number of the enrolment of international students from 17% to 30&%.
2.       Ensure international students representation in KBS, MRC and other clubs.
3.       Enforce mixed of international & local students as committee for all university programs to promote integration.
4.       Ensure the usage of official language (English & Arabic) in programme organized by committee.
5.       Improve our admission procedure especially in AnR – reduce the bureaucratise system towards the newcomers of international students & provide assistance for the newcomers of international students.
6.       Improve immigration facilities.
7.       Improve services for international students such as exclude from exchange room every semester and provide store room facilities for international students during vacation.
8.       Provide multi language for IIUM website; English & Arabic language.
9.       Increase the promotion of IIUM in international market.
10.   For the proposal of programme to get accepted there must be several committees that consist of a balance number of national and international students.
11.   Improve the quality of programmes and ensure students (committee) decision making is organized.
12.   Caters to the issue of integration in Ta’aruf week as well. The schedule for Ta’aruf Week is full with briefing which students perceive it as dull and uninteresting – this should be improved as Ta’aruf Week is the first impression towards new intake students.

13.   Establishment of Da’wah Council with participation from students from Dakwah and Tarbiyyah (DnT) of KBS/MRC/Societies/Clubs.
14.   Administration should strengthen the job scope of the respected unit that in charge of Islamization and collaboration between Da’wah Council and the respected unit can be done.
15.   Development division in collaboration with Safety & Security Section should provide signboard of dress-code in front of the main gate of IIUM.
16.   Administration should increase the number of security officers (which currently is 160 officers).
17.   Optimize the job scope of security officers to supervise hot spot and Da’wah Council will help security officers to recognize the hot spot.
18.   Ibadah Camp must be made compulsory to the first year student and the tentative should be fixed with the mission of Islamization.
19.   Administration should gives full commitment in emphasizing the mission of Islamization (the only mission that make us different from other universities / institutions) especially lecturers.

20.   Improve the pre-registration system
21.   Increase the numbers of lecturers in accordance with the demands of the students.
22.   Extend the length of revision period to 7 days
23.   Maximize the duration for CELPAD students for 2 years only
24.   Administration should cooperate with Jabatan Perhilitan to cope with issues of stray monkeys and dogs.
25.   Food & Facilities Services Division (FFSD) must have specific/standardize price list for the cafés and kiosks.
26.   Several actions should be taken by the respective Kulliyyah/authority
27.   Road in front of the Mahallah Ali that should be upgraded.
28.   Transportation unit may discuss with the transportation company from outside to accommodate the needs of IIUM communities regarding the inconsistency of bus from the outside.

29.   The establishment of Student Parliament.

"Peace!" -- Thank you to all committee :)

Prepared by,
Mahirah Binti A Rashid
Secretary General 
Students' Representative Council 2010/2011


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