The Board of Student Affairs meeting has endorsed a revised accommodation policy where the University will only offer accommodation based on the number of rooms available. The endorsement of the policy is due to the increasing number of students. Due to that, on 1st of October 2009, SRC Executive Member has met Madam Sakinah Jusoh, Head of Mahallah Administration and Coordination Department to seek clarification regarding the new policy.

According to Madam, based on the statistic, for Semester 2 and 3 this year (2009/2010) the University can still accommodate all students since the accommodation units are still enough for the students. But, it may happen for session 2010/2011 there will be some students that will have to stay outside campus. The students that will be given priority to stay in campus are as follow:
  1. First year and final year students
  2. International Students
  3. Students who received financial assistance from IIUM related fund
  4. Student with special need (handicap, health problem)
  5. Holding post in students' organization
  6. Active participation in programmes organised by the University
In the meeting also, SRC has asked Madam Sakinah about students who do not fall into the above category. Is there any chance for them to stay in campus? According to Madam, if there are rooms available, students who do not fall into the above categories will have the opportunity to stay in campus (Insya-Allah). But the criteria of the appointment is yet to be decided. Roughly, the implementations of the poly are as above. There are still many things to be considered. We SRC Executive Members will try our best to fight for students' welfare.


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