New Accomodation Policy

Board of Students Affairs (BOSA) has endorsed a new accommodation policy whereby students’ accommodation is based on the number of rooms available due to the increasing number of students. However, this new policy will only be effective should the condition is met, where; the rooms are not enough. For now, the University can still accommodate all students.

On 15th of October 2009, two of SRC Exco Members attended a discussion on revising the new accommodation policy. Issues on students’ welfare were discussed and it came to an agreement of the establishment of Live-Off Campus Unit (LOC Unit).

This unit was established to:

- To identify suitable area for LOC students

- To advertise the ‘House for Rental programme’ to owner/agent through newspaper

- To invite those identified owner/agent to participate the programme

- To inform students on their status of application for LOC

- To appoint Principal and Fellow to take care of the students welfare and discipline

The LOC Unit will be responsible for the welfare and security of the LOC students. The Unit will also act as mediator between students and landlord.

Besides LOC Unit, SRC also asked for shuttle bus for LOC students. Public transportation also needs to be given consideration. The parking spaces will also become a problem as the number of vehicles will be increased. We also suggested to the University to provide students’ lounge at the centre as a transit centre for LOC students.

Apart from that, a new merit/demerit system will be introduced to the students. Points will be given based on: academic, co-cu activities, and disciplinary record. Higher achiever will be given more marks and this will also apply to active students (in co-cu activities). However, the demerit will apply to those who have a disciplinary record.


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