Letter to Rector : Objection on Appointed Seats in The Students’ Representative Council

On 11th May 2010, Students’ Representative Council (SRC) got a memo from Student Development Division regarding to the appointed seat for Institute of Education, Disable Student, Non-Muslim student, International student (for Kuantan) and Kulliyyah of Dentistry (for Kuantan). Since the procedure of the appointment is contravened with SRC constitution and it’s violate the students’ rights to elect their representative, thus, we sent the objection letter to the rector concerning to the issue. The letter is as below.

Our ref: IIUM/SRC0910/PRES/I-006
Date: 9th June 2010

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Syed Arabi Idid
International Islamic University Malaysia

السّلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Dear Hon. Prof. Dato’ Sri,

Objection On Appointed Seats In The Students’ Representative Council

May this letter reach the Hon. Prof. Dato’ Sri in the best of health and highest Islamic spirit by the grace of Allah S.W.T. With regards to the above matter, the executive members of the Students' Representative Council (SRC) session 2009/2010 would like to express our disappointment regarding to the appointment of new representatives in the SRC 2009/2010 line-up.

2) Referring to the memo received from the Student Development Division dated 11th May 2010, it was stated that the university has appointed two new students’ representatives to represent the International and Dentistry students in Kuantan campus. Meanwhile, three representatives were appointed representing the Disabled students, Non-Muslim students and Institute of Education constituency in Gombak campus.

3) With regards to the issue mentioned, we would regretfully object to the appointment made as we firmly believe that the appointment of the new representatives is in contravention to the SRC Constitution itself whereby it is provided under Article 9, Part III of the SRC Constitution:

“The association shall be represented and administered by the SRC elected by the members in accordance with the Third Schedule.”

Based on this article, it is clear that the SRC Executive members must be selected through an election. Therefore, there shall be no appointed seats in the Students’ Representative Council. We believe that the appointed system cannot be implemented in order to uphold the right of the IIUM students as a whole to have fair election in choosing their representatives. Violating this right will definitely neglect the norms of democracy which has been honored by the International Islamic University Malaysia before.

4) Pertaining to the Dentistry and International students’ seats in Kuantan, by virtue of Article 15 (2) of the SRC Constitution it is stated that:

“When the position of a representative in the SRC is declared vacant, BOSA shall have the power to determine as to whether a by-election may be held by taking into account the paramount interest of the University under the circumstances”

It may be understood that when a seat in the SRC is declared vacant, BOSA shall have the power to decide on whether a by-election is to be held. As we know, there is no competition in the previous election on both constituencies. Hence, by virtue of this article we humbly suggest that by-election should be conducted and at the same time encouraging direct involvement of the students in choosing their leaders who will represent them.

5) Pertaining to the seats for the disabled and non-Muslims students, it is undeniable that as registered students of the IIUM, they are entitled to enjoy equal rights, including rights to be heard and to be represented. Nevertheless, we do not see any solid reasons to appoint new representatives on their behalf, as we are convinced that the existing Welfare Secretariat is able to take care over their needs and welfare. In addition to that, we believe that there is no need to appoint new representatives on their behalf since the percentage of disabled students is only 0.3 percent and non-Muslims students 1.3 percent from the IIUM undergraduates’ students.

Article 7 (d) of the SRC Constitution states that:

"The object and function of the SRC is to make representation to the Rector on all matters relating or connected with student's welfare"

6) Pertaining to the seat for education, it seems the university has denied the rights of IIUM students to cast their votes to select their representative in SRC General Election. Referring to the Article 9, Part III of the SRC Constitution (as quoted above), they should be given the opportunity to elect their own representative. Thus, the appointment of the new students’ representative is contravened with the said article.

7) On the other hand, the memo received was unclear and vague as the wording in the memo cannot be understood. It was stated in the memo that “the Rector has been elected” and they are selected as SRC representative. Thus, it creates confusion to our understanding. Attached herewith is the copy of the memo. In addition, it appears that the procedure of the appointment was not well organized since as far as this matter is concerned, only one of the appointed representatives received the letter of appointment but not the remaining four persons. This illustrates the lack of professionalism in implementing this matter

8) Therefore, SRC executive members unanimously disagree with the appointment of the new representatives, especially without prior notification and serious discussions with SRC. Such appointment would rather affect the management and framework which the SRC has well-structured since the beginning of the tenure ship. As the students’ representatives, we are concerned with the question of student’s rights and welfare which is much connected to the fundamental issue of democracy and rights to a fair election.

9) Nonetheless, we would like to request the pleasure of the administrative authority to have a thorough discussion with SRC executive members regarding this matter. We humbly request an immediate response from your good self.

Allow us to extend our highest gratitude for your kind support. Your concern and consideration is highly appreciated.

Thank you. السّلام و

“Joining Hands for the Betterment of IIUM”

Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010,
International Islamic University Malaysia.

Prof. Dr. Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod
Deputy Rector (Student Affairs)

Prof. Dr.Mohd Akram Shair Mohamad
Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Adam Suhaimi
Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology

Dr. Badri Najib Zubir
Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences

Dr. Amir Akramin Shafie
Kulliyyah of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Khaliq Ahmad
Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences

Prof. Dr. Mansor Ibrahim
Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design

Dr. Siti Rafiah Abdul Hamid
Institute of Education

Dr Asiah Binti Mohamad,
Student Development Division


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