Question 1
What is the definition of an undergraduate?

Undergraduate, or “mahasiswa” comes from the words “maha” and “siswa”. As known, “maha” is categorized as a power or something which is great whereby “siswa” on the other hand means of an intellectual student, referring to groups of students at a higher level, which is at the university level. Thus, the definition of an undergraduate as translated directly from “mahasiswa” is power of the student or greatness of the student (student having great power).

Question 2
Why are undergraduates always associated with the hope of the people and as the successors of the country’s leadership?

Undergraduates are always associated with the hope of the people and as the successors of the country’s leadership because they are usually made up of the young generation full of intellect and having the enthusiasm in doing a certain thing. In fact, they are seen as the idealistic group able to contribute brilliant and fresh ideas in giving their views. The undergraduates who are also known as the middle class are viewed as to be able to give impact to the change of the politics of a country. As such, it is clear that the undergraduates are the generation covering the country’s leadership who will lead the country’s progress and civilization in the future.

Question 3
What are the characteristics of an excellent undergraduate?

-Always thinking outside of the box
-Bold to voice out brilliant views and to criticize when necessary
-Acting as the speaker of the Ummah for the sake of religion, race and country
-Sensitive towards social issues outside of campus
-Be concerned and to make analysis on current issues happening in the country
-Leading other undergraduates through student associations

Question 4
What is the disease or problem that has hit today’s undergraduates?

Among the major disease that has hit today’s undergraduates is the individualistic and materialistic attitude. This happens when they view that the university is only a place for them to get their degrees with excellent pointers and thereafter getting a good job. In the end, they will be anesthetized with social issues out there.
Other than that, some undergraduates today are more interested towards extreme entertainment which is the hedonistic culture. This unhealthy culture is known as the virus which damages the Ummah because of its existence from the west, seen as giving a very bad effect towards the youngsters in this country. This culture is also said to be able to turn undergraduates’ attention from Ummah issues happening inside and outside of the country. In fact, if asked to talk about the Ummah problems happening in Palestin for example, how many of them can truly give brilliant and fresh views. Certainly not many can do it because they are more excited to talk about their favourite artists created especially from the west.

Question 5
What is your role as SRC in university on undergraduates?

As SRC in IIUM, our role to undergraduates in university is by taking note of welfare matters of other undergraduates and to help them as far as possible. This includes financial matters and facilities for learning. We would bring up all these problems to the university’s higher authority and these problems will be solved together between the university’s administration and also from the Students’ Representative Council.
Other than that, we also take priority on the educating of the spiritual and general knowledge of undergraduates. This is because both elements which are religious and general knowledge, are very important in forming a generation of undergraduates who are competitive as an early step for them when serving the community outside once they enter the working environment. As an example, we always have general forums that encourage undergraduates to talk, share ideas, to criticize and debate in a healthy way regarding a certain issue. In fact, we also often organize programmes which are religious in nature to invite undergraduates to be closer to their Creator by doing religious talks, qiamullail and also iftar (breaking fast) together.

Question 6
How can the creative, innovative and research culture be applied among undergraduates today?

Cultures like these may be applied among undergraduates today if they were to realize of their role and position in university. Everything starts from their own selves to foster a positive culture in themselves. Other than that, the university can also play their part as a body that has the most authority in university by running certain campaigns for the undergraduates so that their minds would not be focused on lecture notes entirely and copy pasting information from reference books solely. They should be nurtured to think outside of the box so that ideas given are seen as fresh and creative.

Question 7
As a conclusion, on your views as an undergraduate yourself, what should be done by Malaysian undergraduates today to be successful in life?

To excel in life, Malaysian undergraduates today should have the full determination to be the drive of the country’s leadership with high visions by bringing the country to the international level with excellence and brilliance without forsaking good values and religion’s instruction that has been set by the Syara’. This is because good values and religion’s instruction are the main platforms for the success of Muslims here and in the Hereafter.



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