Assalamua’laikum w.b.t

                In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the World, peace and blessings upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as the mercy upon mankind, upon the families of them all, and upon all the believers.

                Alhamdulillah, after the announcement of SRC General Election Result and Syura Session, we are officially endorsed by the Rector on March 24, 2011. With that, now, all the SRC members officially may fulfill the Amanah and trust that you have laid upon us. 

                I, and other SRC’s main boards and Exco members would like to invite all of you; other students’ bodies, clubs, and societies in this university to unite with us in upholding the welfare issues of the students in this university. It is a pleasure to think that every one of us is concerned to believe that SRC is a part of our right; inclusively involve all students without bias and discrimination. This is the sense of belonging that we hope, will cultivate tolerance and helping culture among us. It is my wish that all students and SRC members may collaborate and support each other to implement the roles of SRC towards achieving the vision and mission of IIUM. In line with the vision and mission (the IIICE) of this university, hopefully, there will be an improvement in Islamic environment and awareness among the students, the harmony relationship between local and international students as well as increase in the involvement of students in activities that organized in this university. It is our sincere wish; of course, not only to develop a well-rounded student, but at the same time benefits the university as a whole to move forward to fulfill the Ummatic vision; covering all aspects of life, intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional.

                Besides, SRC 2010/2011 members will assume responsibility and put high efforts to continue the struggle of the previous tenure of SRC in striving for the right of students and bringing the students issues to the university authority levels. Other than that, the main issues that are closely related to students such as facilities, security, finance, and Islamic environment will be taken seriously by us.

Last but not least, parallel with the theme “1 University, 1 Ummah”, we believe that it is impossible to the SRC to move alone by themselves without any support from all of you. It is a known fact that this institution was built on the hope of the Ummah. Rising with its own aspiration with the hope to unite and make this Ummah prosper as it once was, it is ironic that this best people that mentioned in  the Holy Quran takes a rather long time to unite within its own community. Therefore, we really appreciate to welcome all of you to join and help us in handling and overcome the problems and issues in this university by contributing our times, energy and efforts work as a family in providing the best for IIUM students, Insya-Allah. May all of us gain benefits and all the deeds be accepted as ‘Ibadah.





Nadiwatan said...


Dear Bro. Iqbal,

It is such a great relieved to have back new upline in IIUM student council; a body serving in an administrative capacity to ensure IIUM students can have at upmost satisfaction about everything that happen in the vicinity of our campus environment.

We congratulate you, Bro. Iqbal Ab.Wahab on the appointment as the President of SRC IIUM for session 2010/2011. We in the uniform body are always supporting any effort SRC made on improvement of welfare issues.

We thank you very much in advanced of all the main-boards and executive committees in raising up any issues relating IIUM along the year.

Thank you,
O.B President of IIUM Nadi@watan Club, Bro. Elridzuan Elias,

mohamad iqbal said...

thank you for your response.we really appreciate it

last tenure, we only managed to have KBSCC and this tenure, we hope that we can have great relationship and collaboration with uniform body society so that we can raise up any issue regarding students' welfare

for time being,we cannot have a proper meeting.but we still can meet anytime to discuss any issue particularly regarding Nadi@watan club

let us work together


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