Based on COPs Meeting No.2, 2011 dated 1st April 2011, it was decided and agreed in the meeting that there will be no storage provided in all mahallah in Gombak campus.

However, upon receiving an appeal  from SRC, the Deputy Rector of Student Affairs agreed for an option to be given to the mahallah management to decide on the possibility of providing a room for students to keep their belongings during the long vacation (especially for those who are staying far).

In managing the affairs, the principal will be exercising it under his/her purview with the assistance of mahallat MRCs and BRCs as stated in item 6 in their proposal. All items and belongings stored in the room are kept at their own risk. The mahallah will not responsible for any loss or damage to the items or belongings.

For more details, please consult individual mahallah office.


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