Baby Hatch : Between Solutions and Opening of Problems

Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, in collaboration with Orphan Care have launched a child protection centre, or better known as the Baby Hatch on the 29tt of May 2010. The launching of this Baby Hatch is aimed to provide a special place for desperate mothers from throwing away their babies. Generally, I very much agree with the suggestion from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development in establishing this Baby Hatch or child care centre for unwanted babies that is seen as a way to deal with the problem of throwing away babies that has become more and more serious by the day.

However, I am in view that the establishing of the Baby Hatch is not the best solution for this problem. What that is being done is only one way out from many other alternatives. The establishment of this Baby Hatch will bring about a bigger impact to the community especially towards the teenagers. The establishment of the Baby Hatch seems to give them a green light to engage in sex without marital relations, this is because they would not have to worry when the time comes for delivering the baby as there is already a special place in which to place the baby. Thus, the establishment of the Baby Hatch is seen as an encouragement to the social problem that is happening.

In this case, I personally think that it is time for the government to go back to the religious approach, as well as giving education and awareness to the community to deal with this problem. The government should act by formulating firmer Syariah Laws and consequently act to realize it in stages to those involved. For example, the implementation of the caning sentence to the unmarried fornicators and the stoning sentence towards married fornicators as in line with what that is promoted by the Islamic Syariat. This is the firmest answer to tackle this problem that would never have its end. As that is known, after years, the criminal Syariah Laws in Malaysia is still unchanged with the maximum number of 3 years of imprisonment, an RM 5,000.00 fine and 6 lashes of caning. This matter should be looked upon closely by the parties involved, as the sentence for Syariah crimes in this country is viewed lightly by some groups in the community who are able to pay for the meagre amount of fine. The same matter has been raised by Tuan Hj. Zainul Rijjal during the 10th Seminar on Issues of the Syariah Court (National Level) at IIUM with the theme; "Towards Empowering the Justice Administration of Crimes in the Syariah Court of Malaysia" on the 12th to 13th November 2008/ 14-15 Zulkaedah 1429H.

I am also in view that the weakness in the Education and Social Systems in Malaysia are the main factor that has contributed towards the increase of the crime of throwing away babies in this country. Thus, the government should investigate in a more detailed manner regarding the effectiveness of both the systems so that this problem can be handled as soon as possible. Reviewing back the country's education system especially the Islamic education system and its implementation in the community should very much be done as a plus point for the government's effort to handle social problems in this country.

Therefore, I view the issue of the establishment of the Baby Hatch as not one of the absolute way towards the reduction of problems, of throwing away babies in this country. As a varsity student, I would prefer if the government takes a more comprehensive approach which is to tackle this problem from its roots. Thus, all parties including the government, mass media, parents, educational institutions, religionist groups and also the community should play a role in handling the crime of throwing babies from getting much more problematic in the Malaysian society. As the slogan that says, "Prevention is better than Cure".

Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010
International Islamic University Malaysia


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