Students of the International Islamic University Malaysia Urge on the Withdrawal Upon the Release of the World Cup 2010 Betting License.

Students here insists in urging the Malaysian government to withdraw the release of betting license issued to Berjaya Group's Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd which will start this coming June.

Negative responses from various parties including those from Non-Muslim communities, has shown clearly that the issuance of this betting license leads to the current public outcry towards this issue. Deputy Minister of Finance’s response saying such a predicament is carried out in order to deter the wide spreading of illegal gambling problem is perceived as implausible as gambling is prohibited by any religion. Though gambling is something that is legitimate in this country, its prohibition has been stated clearly in the Holy Quran without any compromise, therefore legalising gambling is not something justifiable.

Current objections and uproar against legalising gambling is portraying the people's objections towards this sensitive matter. Declaring one nation as an Islamic state seems ironic in this issue of legalising gambling.

Gambling is clearly known for its negative effects towards the family institution and also on teenagers. This has triggered our concern on the ramification of this predicament should it cause a severe social woe. Therefore, we are seeking an explanation as well as sending a message to the government to review on the decision of issuing the betting license.

Thus, we would like to call for Muftis, intellectuals, and concerned Malaysian citizens to continue this insistence with the hope that the Malaysian government will revoke the issuance of the betting license.


Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010,
International Islamic University Malaysia


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