Down to Earth : Mahallah Bilal

On 26 July 2010, SRC has organized Down To Earth where for this DTE session, it was held at Mahallah Bilal. The DTE started at 9.15pm. The purpose of this DTE is to collect survey and complaint about the facilities especially at Mahallah Bilal.

Majority of resident of this mahallah complaint regarding wireless service whereas some of them are not able to connect to the connection. This is not good for them especially when they need to use the internet for assignment or research purpose. There are some students requests for washing machine allocate at each block. Students also comment about students that do not care about the environment around the mahallah. The resident of the mahallah also comment about wild dogs around the mahallah. Security issues also arise by the students.

For cafeteria, some students complaint that there no variety of food especially international food and the price not reasonable. The residents of Mahallah Bilal has suggest the management to provide more parking lot for students and improve the facilities such as water cooler, washing machine, kiosk, cafeteria, badminton and basketball court and others. INSYAALLAH, further action will be taken by us.

Here are some pictures taken during the DTE : Mahallah Bilal.


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