Memorandum : Objection On Actions Affecting The Good Relations Between Malaysia-Indonesia

On Friday, 3rd September 2010 at Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, 233, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur, a representative from Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010 session, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM SRC 09/10) had handed down the memorandum regarding to the said title to the Ambassador of Republic Indonesia, Da'i Bachtiar. The content of the memorandum as follows:


Recently the issue of the Malaysia-Indonesia relations seems to be highlighted back, as if intending to open a long and bitter history between Malaysia and Indonesia. It began when about 600 people participated in the demonstration shouting, "ganyang Malaysia" to protest what they claimed invasion of the Malaysian authorities in the waters bordering the two countries, near Bintan, Riau Islands on August 13, 2010.

Since the August, 13 incident, a number of demonstrations organized by small groups have damaged the name plaques of the Embassy of Malaysia, climbed the gate and barrier gate, and then stood on it. The incident exacerbated when human waste was thrown into the Malaysian Embassy here by protesters from the group who named themselves as “Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera).

However, Students’ Representative Council 2009/2010 session, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM SRC 09/10) views the issue from another angle, from a more rational perspective rather than the emotional side. Malaysia and Indonesia have a very long standing relationship. What more Malaysia and Indonesia are neighbors and under the umbrella of ASEAN. These two countries have established variety of understandings and agreements, since time immemorial. Another value that has to be seen is the brotherhood of Islam and the same Malay roots we share, which should be the strength for the two countries to remain united.

In International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) itself, students from Indonesia are a group that represents most international students. It cannot be denied that the relations between Malaysian students and students from Indonesia are in a good condition and it can be said that we cooperate well in various activities.

We, the SRC, representing the students of IIUM will try our best to control all forms of action and provocation from occurring in the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue IIUM, so that it does not worsen the relationship between the two countries.

We believe the incident was only created by certain people of Indonesia and there is possibility that it involves a third party who has tried to disturb the good relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia in the effort of mutually helping each other for the sake of the development of both countries.

However, we, IIUM SRC 09/10 urge for:

1) The Government of Indonesia to take immediate and firm action against any individual or group involved in ongoing efforts to worsen the differences between the two countries through either the physical or cyber attack. It is hoped that the Indonesian government is able to do a more thorough investigation to find out who exactly is behind this said problem.

2) Media in Indonesia and Malaysia should be more careful and transparent in dealing with issues regarding this problem and try to avoid any sensation. If it is not handled wisely, it is feared that it would lead to greater problems as well as being detrimental to both countries.

3) Both countries should resolve the problem by prioritizing the Islamic brotherhood and the fact that the people from Malaysia and Indonesia come from the same root. The approach of diplomacy and discussion should always be applied.

4) Malaysian students studying in Indonesia are guaranteed good security, and safeguarded from any interference which will interfere with their concentration on learning.

5) Students from Malaysia and Indonesia whom are taught the value of knowledge and professionalism will take a role in explaining these issues to the community and they should be together invited to voluntarily participate in finding solutions to this issue.


If we look back to what extent the relations that Malaysia and Indonesia have built over the years, we are not willing to let this good relationship to be affected. Therefore, we as the representatives of the students of International Islamic University Malaysia urge the Indonesian government to seriously address this issue and deal with them wisely before they become more serious. Hopefully this conflict will not be able to threaten the Malaysia-Indonesia relations, but it is ardently hoped that it can be the cause of closer relations in the future.

Here are some pictures taken during the delivery of the memorandum:

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