Meeting with President of IIUM


Putrajaya,6th June 2011- we were having a meeting with IIUM President ,Tan Sri Sidek Hassan , which had been held at Bangunan Putra Perdana ,Putrajaya .This meeting was initiated by SRC IIUM President ,Mohamad Iqbal Ab Wahab and attended by SRC exco members , President of each KBS & MRC ,representative from disable student , Assistant Director of SDEV ,Bro. Amir Zahiruddin Kamal Pasha , Director of SDEV Dr Nor Asiah , and Deputy Rector of Student Affair Prof Nik Kamal.

The objective of this meeting were to promote good relationship between student leader & administration ,and to voice out welfare issues to our top level of administration.

Bro. Mohamad Iqbal Ab Wahab ,President of SRCIIUM in his speech had mentioned three points which were Islamization ,Internationalization and Welfare Issues.Tan Sri Sidek Hassan who also Chief Secretary to the government of Malaysia responed all of the issues,and give some advices also ideas to us.

We SRC for this tenure really hope to have a good relationship with administration so that our amanah as mediator of students-admin could be done successfully,insyaAllah.


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