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15th June 2011 - SRC Open Day had been organised successfully by Public Relation Secretariat yesterday.
The objective of this programme were to ensure there are no gap between SRC & students and SRC-administration.This programme was also a medium to students gave their complaints or suggestion for any services in IIUM that could be voice out by SRC exco members to administration.

 Bro Iqbal and Bro Faris disscussed something with IRKSS president and exco members

 Bro Nik having disscussion with ICTSS and former SRC exco member,Azim Azman

Disscussion on Islamization issue with Prof Nik and Dr.Asiah

We would like to express our high appreciation to all guests of SRC Open day.Special thanks to Prof Nik Kamal,Deputy Rector of Students Affair and Dr.Nor Asiah ,Director of SDEV for coming to our programme.Also ,we want to thank all committees members who showed very high commitment to run SRC Open Day.Thanks!


Mohamad Izwan said...

congra8 coz organizing this event.
in my opinion SRC's open day should be more wider and conduct it during long semester is more better compare to short sem according to the capacity of students.
By having 3 - 4 booth at the strategic location (the most crowd there eg. cafe) can attract many students come and know what are the src role,student right and so on instead of do it at the office.
Thanks. :D

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