Protest Against the Adam Lambert Concert in Malaysia

The presence of gay artiste Adam Lambert to perform in Malaysia receives opposition from various parties, which includes students, NGOs, political parties and the people of Malaysia. The presence of Adam Lambert is seen as something negative for fear of bringing immoral ‘gay’ culture to Malaysian society, especially to young Malaysians.

I strongly protest the Adam Lambert concert in Malaysia based on several important factors. As a young Malaysian, I am concerned that the image and culture shown by the artiste become an example to youths in Malaysia who are already plagued by serious social problems. I see young adults tend to mimic and end up with the lifestyle and culture brought about by these kind of artistes. Thus, I represent the people of Malaysia and also the students protesting and disagreeing with the organization of this concert.

I feel that if we want to see a bright future of Malaysia, the emphasis and affirmation of western culture into Malaysia should not be taken lightly by all parties, especially the government. This is not the first objection from the public on organizing concerts for a western artiste because once upon a time Malaysians had objected to the organization of the Avril Lavigne concert in this country, but actions and responses to the protests were not given much of a thought by the government. If the government continues to take a stand on keeping quiet and not being serious about this matter, I am afraid it will give an adverse impact on the social development of this country which very much emphasizes eastern values.

I am not from those who are anti-entertainment, but I think entertainment should be done in accordance with the norms and ethics of society that are practiced in this country. This is because I view entertainment as an education for the public. If we educate the public wrongly, then the future of our beloved community will be destroyed. Entertainment should be implemented into the community to educate people and also the authorities should examine and screen entertainment organized by certain parties to avoid the existence of negative elements spreading into the community.

It is informed that the party responsible for approving the organization of concerts of international artistes is the Central Agency of Application for Filming and Performance by Foreign Artistes (PUSPAL) established and developed through the Cabinet meeting on June 6, 2001. It is clear that the approval of a foreign artiste’s concert promotion is under the responsibility of the Minister of Information, Communication and Culture.

Therefore, the ministry involved should establish strict policies in the procedure of the organization of concerts if there are parties who want to invite and sponsor any foreign artiste to perform in Malaysia. For example, only allow artists who are free of immoral images, attitudes and culture to perform in Malaysia. I'm sure there are still many international artists who are relevant to be invited to perform in Malaysia, for example, Maher Zain and Cat Stevens. Therefore, it should not be used as an excuse to the parties involved to continue allowing artistes who have no morals to perform in Malaysia by just thinking about the money alone without regards of the moral collapse that will spread into the community.

This Adam Lambert issue should not be politicized by any party, but should be taken and viewed from a professional and positive perspective for the good of all parties. This has to be taken seriously because it involves the future and the ‘aqidah of Muslims. Hence, a tight surveillance from the government mainly the Ministry of Arts, Heritage and Culture is imperative and very much needed. I invite the people of Malaysia to protest for this artiste’s concert and immoral artistes that can bring adverse effects towards the people of Malaysia.



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