Summary Report on Down to Earth (DTE) to Mahallah

Students' Representative Council (SRC) 2009/2010 has organized Down to Earth (DTE) session to several mahallahs in IIUM. The purpose of this session is to collect data regarding welfare issues in mahallah by conducting a survey to every room in every block in the respective mahallah. By conducting this survey, we can see that there are many complaints and suggestions which need to be highlighted and to be taken into actions from the administration. We have sent letters to principals of respective mahallat on issuing the issues raised up by the students.

No Date of visit/

Mahallah Main Issues Remarks
1. 24th February 2010 /

9.15- 11.30pm
Salahuddin Al-Ayubi1.Wireless issue whereby the server is so poor and not function accordingly

2. They complaint that there are no cleaners working in Mahallah Salahuddin – toilet is not clean

3. The mix up between brothers and sisters scenario is not supposed to happen in this mahalllah of IIUM where there are no proper surveillance by the authority.
Welfare Secretariat had a meeting with Madam Sakinah.

Remarks by Madam Sakinah on issue:


IIUM is in working progress to upgrade wireless internet. Madam Sakinah required more details and specific zone of the poor wireless connection in Mahallah Salahuddin

2. Cleaner

Each block is provided with one cleaner.

Probably, there is issue of lack supervision.

Office will ensure this matter to be brought up to the respective contractor in charge

3. Mixing up brothers and sisters

Action will be taken
2.17th May 2010/

9.15- 11.30pm

Zubair al-Awwam
1.Poor food services provided by cafeteria

2.They also complained about the washing machine service which not applicable

3.The wireless connection is slow
On the 20th of May 2010, SRC met with the owner of the cafeteria, Hj Yusof to discuss about the problems regarding the cafeteria.

He promised to improve his cafeteria services and hoped for the students to give full support and feedback to them so they can be better in serving the students. We have submitted a memo to the owner of the cafeteria
3.26th July 2010 /

9.00 -10.30 pm.
Asiah1.Dissatisfaction with the price of foods in Mahallah café which for them were expensive

2.Complaints about wireless connection which was so slow

3.Suggestion to the administration to provide rooftop along the walkway from Mahallah Asiah to other mahallah
We already receive a response letter from Mahallah Asiah's principal. She concerned on the issues raised by students.

Principal of Mahallah Asiah has sent letters to respective authorities on issues that are beyond mahallah's jurisdiction.
4.26th July 2010 /

9.00 -10.30 pm.
Bilal.1.Complaint regarding wireless service whereas some of them are not able to connect to the connection

2. Some students requested for washing machine to be allocated at each block.

3.The resident of the mahallah also commented about wild dogs around the mahallah

4.Students complained that there are no variety of food especially international food and the price not reasonable

5.Residents of Mahallah Bilal have suggested to the management to provide more parking lots for students and improve the facilities such as water cooler, washing machine, kiosk, cafeteria, badminton and basketball court and others
Comments cannot be forwarded to Principal Bilal since the position is vacant.
5.5th August 2010/

9.00 -10.30 pm.
Safiyyah1. Dissatisfaction on the price of foods in Mahallah café which for them were expensive

2. There were also complaints on students who did not observed the dress code rule.

3. The most pressure issue were complaints on some female students who used to smoke at musolla and level 4 of Block I.
We have sent the report to Principal Mahallah Safiyyah and waiting for the reply.
6.17th August 2010/

10.00-11.00 pm

(After Tarawikh)
Sumayyah.1. Many students were dissatisfied with time of closing the gate of Mahallah Sumayyah at 9 pm which for them is too early.

2. Many students complained on the compound received during the spot check ran by fellows which according to them were not a justifiable compound.

3. They also complained about lamp at AIKOL's stairs to Nusaibah and Sumayyah which are not function.
We have sent the report to Principal Mahallah Sumayyah and waiting for the reply.
7.17th August 2010/

10.00-11.00 pm

(After Tarawikh)
Nusaibah.1. It was too dark at Nusaibah's stairs at night that might endanger the safety of the students who used the stairs.

2. Dissatisfaction with the non-variety of foods in Mahallah café which for them the foods in the cafe are not tasty and low quality.

3. Complaints on some female international students (foreigners) who used to smoke and don't really care about cleanliness; especially in toilet.
We have sent the report to Principal Mahallah Nusaibah and waiting for the reply.

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Students' Representative Council 2009/2010

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Students' Representative Council 2009/2010


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